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Can You Dig It? These 1970s-inspired Makeup Tips Bring the Groovy Vibes

by Facetune Team / November 30, 2021

Despite your hairdresser rolling her eyes when the 10th person that day requests curtain bangs, there’s no getting around it: 1970s style is back.

Even stars like Rihanna are digging the retro, disco vibe. From fringe to afros, from sparkly eyes to rosy cheeks, this is a groovy party look you’ll want to get in on.


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The makeup and beauty trends of this time period favored a glowy, athletic look. This healthy vibe combined with a little over-the-topness was what ’70s makeup was all about.

The neutral-toned face of the ’60s was left passed out somewhere at Woodstock, replaced by a dancing queen with bright cheeks and a dewy shimmer. The healthier and more youthful you appeared, the better. 

To achieve this, opt for a creamy, dewy-finish foundation. And then? Highlight your little heart out. Apply bronzers liberally and go for dark, berry shades of blush. In the ’70s, blush was a main character, so don’t be afraid of layering it on too thick.

Cher’s makeup artist popularized a method called draping where you basically use blush to sculpt your face the way you would with a contour. To drape like a pro, apply your blush from the cheeks to temples, all the way up to your brow line. Forget about less is more — more is more and John Travolta would approve.

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The cat-eye, heavy mascara, and cut crease of the 1960s eye makeup trends were still going strong through this decade — what changed was the sparkle factor. Reflecting the intensity of the disco ball, eyeshadows were loaded with glimmer. To get the look:

Winged liner — Begin with a black, liquid liner making a dot at the center of your lash line and another at the furthest outer corner. Fill in between the dots, making sure that the outer portion is thicker for the winged effect. 

Cut crease — Make three dots with your liquid liner: one at the center of your upper eyelid crease, and the other two at either end. Connect the dots with a kohl or gel liner and blend with your finger.

Mascara — Add many, many (many) layers of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. The standard is five layers, but for that ’70s vibe, 10 won’t hurt. For even more oomph, get a set of falsies, and draw some lashes onto the bottom eyelid.

Eyeshadow — Finally, be sure to choose a jewel-toned eyeshadow. Pastel blue was very in during the disco era, as was adding sparkles to your face and body for a glittery, dance-party aesthetic. 

Brows — Eyebrows were kept natural and bushy in this time period, so brush and tame them with a clear mascara or pomade.


Gone were the nude lips of the hippie days in exchange for dewy, shiny lips. Go for clear or berry-tinged glosses here, or try pearlescent lipstick shades for a Saturday Night Fever vibe.

Can you dig it, foxy mama?

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