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’90s-Inspired Makeup Tips For Your So-Called Face

by Facetune Team / December 2, 2021

All fashion trends will get their time in the revival light. The makeup and beauty trends of the ’90s are no different, so pull out your oversized plaid flannel and black choker because it’s time to get all “My So-Called Life up in here.

The makeup of the ’90s is making a comeback, which means deep burgundy lips, dark eyeliner, skinny brows, and blue eyeshadow for the win.


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Matte and powder looks of the ’80s were so over, and in their place, minimal makeup was the vibe. Nineties girls went for medium to light coverage foundation and a more dewy glow (don’t get it twisted though, the lips and eyes are another (very dramatic) story).


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Some celebs even skipped the foundation altogether and went bare-faced. Round out the look with a natural cream-looking blush and dark brown lip color.


Spider lashes — For those of you who get a little lazy with your makeup, the ’90s trend could be your kind of glow-up. When it came to mascara, clumpy lashes were actually desired. You can even buy falsies that are styled to mimic the look, with lashes that are grouped together in little clumps.

Pastel eyeshadows — Pretty, light shades like violet will help you nail ’90s style when applied from lash line to just below the brow. If you opt for this strategy, keep your mascara minimal to ensure the color is the main character.

Blue eyeshadow was especially popular in this decade. We’ve all gone through a phase where we scoff at this color, but as seen through the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s … it’s apparently never going away. It will haunt you into your geezer years, that’s for certain. To keep it modern, though, use a darker hue on the outer corners and lighten up as you move toward the center of your eye. Be sure to choose a matte powder finish.

Tight thin lines — Overplucked brows were all over the place, and a brave few can actually pull it off today. If you don’t want to go that far, keep your eyebrows natural, but be sure to line your eyes all the way around. Use a kohl black eyeliner to rim your upper and lower lashes and then pair with neutral lip color and blush.

Lips Out was the ’80s cherry red, and in came a darker, bitten maroon hue. Seen on stars like Gwen Stefani and Reese Witherspoon, dark lip shades were popular, so experiment with brown, burgundy, or even purple hues. 


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And be sure to overline that sh*t. We all know by now that overlining the lip gives the illusion of a fuller lip, but it was actually the ’90s ladies who pioneered this technique. If you want to go really crazy with it, don’t fill in the lips at all. Line and then fill in with a nude gloss for a super authentic ’90s pout.


Channeling the makeup trends of the 1970s, sparkles came back in this decade. So, opt for sparkle shadows, sparkle on your cheekbones, and sparkle on those lips. Use a finger to dab a little glitter everywhere and anywhere, including collarbones and shoulders.

The moral of the story: Sparkle layered on sparkle is allowed in this decade. To update the look, opt for a warm, neutral hue that feels a bit more natural.

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