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Aries Fashion Ideas: 4 Fiery Looks For People Born Under the Sign of the Ram

by Facetune Team / January 18, 2022

The Western zodiac begins with Aries. If you were born between March 21 and April 19, you’re ruled by this Fire sign, which is symbolized by the headstrong (and tough) ram. Because every sign of the zodiac builds off of the lessons learned by the previous sign, Aries is starting from scratch.

This means that Aries tend to be fiery, ambitious, and quick to take action — which sometimes results in success and sometimes makes a big mess. 

Aries are confident and they have a large network of friends. They’re determined and cheerful, but if you wrong them, they aren’t afraid to cut a bitch. As an Aries, you like making progress and you dislike finicky things or little details. You can definitely take care of business, but your temper and your need for action mean you live a fast and furious kind of lifestyle.


Sure, you might come off as stubborn or selfish to outsiders, but to the many people who love you, you’re a supportive and loyal friend. Aries can be competitive, so make sure you’re winning the fashion game with these four Aries fashion looks. 

Aries Outfit #1: Day Look

Whether you’re at work or hitting the town with your posse, Aries always dress with confidence. Check out these two daytime looks that are the perfect personification of Aries who need to take care of business. 

Feminine Look for Aries

This powerful look is perfect for Aries ladies who want to kick ass and look good doing it. Pair this fiery floral top with insanely comfy but professional pants from Betabrand. Feel free to throw on some flats if you’re rushing around town, but if you really wanna look good, slip on a pair of So Kate 120 Louboutins. Rep your Aries pride with a bespoke Aries tarot necklace.

Masculine Look for Aries

The ram is a powerful symbol of passionate masculine energy. This flame-inspired outfit will keep you stylin’ in power while you take on the day. Start with the Dreamers casual shirt from Kenzo and True Religion Big T skinny jean. A pair of old-fashioned Chucks in red will pull the whole look together. 

Aries Outfit #2: Night Look

Your Aries spirit burns so brightly that nobody else on the street will need lighting. I’m kidding, but if you want to let your selfie hair down, these two evening Aries fashion looks are sure to turn heads. 

Feminine Look for Aries

Va-va-voom, Aries! This drawstring ribbon tie dress from Alexander McQueen will make you look like the luscious goddess you are. Tell the crowds to bow at your feet with a pair of Anais Saint Laurent shoes and tie your hair back with a red silky clip.

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Masculine Look for Aries

Is this S By Sebastian red dinner jacket too much? Good. Command the room by pairing the jacket with old-fashioned black pants and Glitter Wrap Dress Loafers in black.


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The passion and power of Aries fashion

Aries can get a bad rep for their temper, but deep down, you’re simply a passionate person who knows what you want out of your life, your career, and your friends. Rep your Aries pride with these four fashion looks that will look great when you take your mazing selfies — day or night.

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