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Baddie Makeup Looks and Tips

by Davin Sauer / March 6, 2022

Want to look like a baddie?

Yes. The answer is always yes! So, what is that, exactly?

The top definition in the highly official Urban Dictionary explains that a baddie is “a girl always slaying the game and always on fleek.”

It’s someone who is extremely put-together and looks hot even on her days off. She’s a little bit classy, and a little bit badass.


And the “baddie” aesthetic is actually a very specific kind of look. No, it’s not the eGirl look. Think literally any of the Kardashians, Cardi B, or Arianna Grande.

Baddies tend to wear lots of makeup, have lots of curves, and never leave a hair out of place — this isn’t a pajamas-in-Walmart type of chic. If she does happen to dress down, it’s probably in white sneaks and Skims.

On Instagram, baddies are known for their thirst traps and trendy style with everything from their clothes to their home decor.


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Here’s how to get the look.


No pinky pinks or peach tones here. Go for lip colors that are bold or nude. Overline the lip with a maroon or plum shade, and skip the gloss. Baddies notoriously choose matte lipstick colors that show up great in photos.



These girls have perfect eyebrows. So, use an angled-tip eyebrow pencil, some eyebrow gel, and a spoolie to score the look. With an angled brush, make short, hair-like strokes to fill in any sparse areas. Then shape with your pencil and spoolie it out! Bushy brows have been in for quite some time, but a true baddie will probably follow the trend of the moment.


Pretty much every makeup blog on the internet will tell you that winged liner is where it’s at. That’s because winged liner makes nearly anyone’s eyes look that damn good.

Of course, sometimes it’s easier said than done. You could simply draw it in one sweep out and up past the corner of your eye. Or take the safe approach — make some dots along the upper lash line and slowly connect with your liquid liner. If all else fails, try one of these hacks for a flawless look


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Of course, baddies have long, full lashes. Curling and a top-of-the-line mascara are good, but faux lashes are even better. What was once designated for drag queens and showgirls is now the norm — and an absolute must for the baddie look.


More is more here. So, go for a dewy glow that borders on just plain wet. Apply to obvious places like the cheek and brow bone but don’t forget about the forehead, cupid’s bow, and center of your nose. 


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Extreme contour is a given when it comes to sculpting and narrowing the face. 

Use a hue that is a couple of shades darker than your skin tone and apply to your hairline, jawline, under cheekbones, and on each side of the nose. Use a damp blending sponge or brush to blend well.


Beauty and makeup aside, baddies have bright white smiles. Consider whitening strips, an activated charcoal powder, or even professional whitening. 

Baddie hair is sleek and on-trend. Waves, buns, and braids can all work — and no stray baby hairs allowed.

Some final touches and go-to staples: hoop earrings, coffin- or stiletto-shaped nails, cute sneaks, and a travel mug — filled with iced coffee, obvi.

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