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Capricorn Fashion Ideas: 4 Looks for Taking Over Your Corner of the World

by Facetune Team / November 8, 2021

Capricorn is an Earth sign represented by the goat. And lemme tell you: You’re not just a goat — you’re the GOAT. Born December 22 to January 20, Capricorn is a determined, hardworking sign that knows how to take care of themselves. 

You’re practical, self-reliant, logical, and grounded. And don’t be offended that your sign is a goat: Just like your namesake, Capricorns are the hardest workers of the zodiac. Instead of allowing yourself to dream about pie-in-the-sky goals that aren’t attainable, you prefer to take calculated risks. 

Translation: You make ish happen, honey. 

You might not have the biggest network of friends, but as a Capricorn, you have a handful of deep and rewarding relationships with your ride-or-die buddies. 

Capricorns can be guilty of pessimism and workaholism, though.

You definitely take a “work hard, play hard” approach to life: You put your all into your work and use your financial earnings to buy nice things. 

In terms of fashion, Capricorns tend to avoid risk-taking because they’re afraid of things not working out (gotta work on that pessimism, friend).


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You still love the finer things, but in traditional silhouettes that are tried and true for your body type. Check out our four Capricorn outfit recommendations so you can more easily take care of business and look good doing it. 

Capricorn Outfit #1: Day Look

Ready to put your head down and get to work? These two day looks are perfectly suited for industrious Capricorns.

Feminine Look for Capricorns

Don this Veronica Beard leather jacket set with a pair of matching Rothy’s flats to channel your hardworking Earth energy. Wear an Ula long sleeve cotton top under the jacket and tie the look together with a Capricorn gold charm necklace

Masculine Look for Capricorn

We went for an easygoing look for this winter-friendly Capricorn outfit for guys. Start with a True Classic knit sweatshirt and Express dark wash hyper stretch jeans. Keep it stylish with a pair of black high-top Chucks and tie the look together with a Dean Brown leather biker jacket.


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Capricorn Outfit #2: Night Look

As a serious Capricorn, you’re probably not drawn to loud clubs or all-night ragers. But you still enjoy a good night on the town, whether you’re at a wine tasting with friends or enjoying an art gallery solo. Try these two looks to let your hair down, Capricorn-style. 

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Feminine Look for Capricorn

What’s more refined than a sexy LBD? Turn heads and win hearts with a sleeveless crepe slit gown and So Kate Louboutins in red. If it’s cold out, layer with this faux fur stole to beat the chill. Wear this Zales diamond accent Capricorn necklace and studs for a timeless look that looks great no matter the occasion. 


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Masculine Look for Capricorn

Going out means donning a high-quality, timeless look. Start with this slim-fit brushed blazer and matching pants — don’t forget to layer a silk-blend polo shirt underneath. Marrion Medallion Toe Derby shoes really bring this classy look together. Plus, these Italian leather shoes will last for years!


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Capricorn fashion is classic and timeless

While other zodiac signs treat fashion as their playground, Capricorns gravitate toward more elegant outfits that withstand the test of time. Snap selfies to your heart’s content with these four Capricorn outfits that will never go out of style.


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