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81 Concert and Music Photography Hashtags To Liven Up Your Feed

by Andrea Spanik / November 3, 2021

The bass thumping in your chest, your fav singer mere inches away from you, and your head filled with lyrics that you know by heart…

I mean, let’s be honest, if we’re at a concert, there’s a good chance that we’re not mere inches away from the rich and the famous, but hey, a girl can dream.

Are you headed to any concerts that you want to show off on your Instagram? Maybe you want to post a video from the concert on TikTok.

Whatever the case, concert and music photography always deserve a home on your feed.

Let’s get those pics the attention that they deserve with some of the top music and concert photography hashtags.

Start with this easy copy/paste grouping of concert and music photography hashtags:

#music #concert #musician #musiclife#musicartist #musicmaker #musicgram #musictime #concertphotography #concertpics #concerttime #concertphotos #concertseason #concertvibes #concertlife #concertphotographer #concertjunkie #concertnight #concertready #concerts #liveconcert

BOOM. Easy.

But like, are you yawning? Honestly, I don’t blame you. While this grouping of hashtags is super convenient for a little copy/paste moment, for many of you, these hashtags might seem a little too generic or not relevant to what you’re posting.

Don’t forget: While hashtags are great for getting eyes on your pics, sometimes a little “less is more” mentality can pay off. Because seriously, doesn’t putting a million random hashtags on your pic look just a liiiiiiiittle desperate? Yeah, glad you agree.

For more specific concert and music photography hashtags ideas, try out some of these options:

1) Hashtags for the music enthusiasts

You don’t have to go to a concert in order to appreciate music. Sometimes a little jam session in your car is all you need to show off your love for all things musical.

Whether you have a concert on the horizon or not, show off your love for all things musical with these hashtags:

#musicismylife #musicaddict #lovemusic #musiclove #musiclover #addictedtomusic

2) Is it Monday? Try this hashtag

Personally, we think music can be celebrated any day of the week, but if you have a video of your jam session on the guitar, or you want to share a throwback video to your last concert, a little Music Monday situation seems like a good excuse in our books.

That’s right, this hashtag is legit, and it’s not a bad way to start off the week. Who agrees?


3) Hashtags for music festivals

Who doesn’t love a good music festival?

Well okay, you’re right, music festivals aren’t for everyone, but if you’re someone who is itching to hit up a music festival, you have to share your experience on social (it’s only fair).

Try out some of these music festival hashtags for instant likes:

#musicfestival #lovemusicfestival #musicfestival #lovemusicfestival #musicfestivaloutfit #musicfestivals #festivalmusic #electronicmusicfestival #countrymusicfestival #edmmusicfestival

Oh, and hey, don’t forget to hashtag the name of the specific festival you’re at. #Coachella, anyone?


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A post shared by Allison (@allison.dianaa)

4) Hashtags for the country music lovers out there

If you’re not a fan of country music, don’t despair, you can really use these hashtags for whatever style of music you enjoy (just, ‘ya know, switch the “country” for your preference).

The reason we’re using country here is because…well, tbh, it just tends to be the most hashtagged on Instagram.

Guess people just can’t resist their cowboy boots, tequila, and heartbreak, huh?

#countryconcert #countrymusic #countrygirl #countrylife #countryboy #countryband #countrylyrics #countryvibes #countryconcerts #countrysong #countryradio #countryartist

See what we mean? Country is popular.

And oh, don’t forget to hashtag your favorite country artist for an easy addition to your country hashtag lineup.



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5) Music hashtags for style lovers

Wait, what? Aren’t we talking about music and concert hashtags?



99.9% sure if you’ve gone to a concert, you’ve at least put some effort into your outfit, and if you’re like 98% of the population, well, then you’ve probably more than just some effort into your outfit (you never know when Harry Styles might spot you in the crowd and ask you to come hang out backstage, right?)

Anywho, if you’re rocking a cute outfit at a concert and want to show it off, we’ve got you covered:

#concertoutfit #concertstyle #whatiwore #ootd #fashion #style #styleinspo #stylepost #stylegoals #stylegram #fashiontrends #fashionlover



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And oh, if you want to highlight your concert makeup rather than your outfit, don’t forget to throw in a little #concertselfie in there!

We’ve got a whole post of all the best selfie hashtags for our Selfie Queens and Kings out there.

6) Hashtags for the musicians

And lastly, these are probably the most important hashtags for music lovers.

Because seriously, as much as sharing a concert on IG is fun, if you’re a musician yourself and you want to get your music out into the world, you need to be using hashtags. Here are some of the top hashtags for musicians that we would recommend:

#singer #muscian #singersongwriter #writingmusic #artist #musicianlife #musiciansofinstagram #musicianlifestyle #talentedmusicians #musiciansofig #instamusicna #musicianforlife #brilliantmusicians #amazingmusicians #talentedmusicians #femalemusician #band

So which of these concert and music hashtags will you be adding to your next social media post?


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