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Digital Couture Is Becoming Big — Here’s Why

by Facetune Team / November 19, 2021

You know those paper dolls, the ones you can dress up in paper outfits? Think of digital fashion like this, except that you — or at least your Instagram photo — are the doll and your digital garment is the piece you place over your image.

You’ll never actually own it, and you certainly won’t touch it. You’ll merely purchase pixels to apply to the image of your choice. Cue the creepy Black Mirror episode.

Why digital fashion?

In recent years the fashion world has experienced pushback from the public over the idea of fast fashion. Social media influencers, who are frequently given garments for free (lucky beeches), will sometimes wear an outfit worth thousands of dollars only once!


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It’s not just the fashion elite, though. Even the average shopper will spend a ton of money on New Year’s outfits, or holiday attire. Think you’re gonna wear that thing next New Year’s Eve, too? Doubtful.

Aside from the resources wasted while creating clothing, many of the finished products will just end up in landfills somewhere. The effect of this contributes more to climate change than air and sea travel combined. In other words, it is hurting our environment somethin’ fierce.

Digital fashion, on the other hand, has nearly zero impact. It’s fast-fashion that solves a huge problem.


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Digital trends are so haute right now

With tech advancements in 3D software, creating a piece can take a mere 3-5 hours. Not only that, but designers can now add creative details that simply aren’t possible in real life. You can wear pieces made of flames without worrying about crack sweat … or death.

Don’t worry, the robot overlords aren’t going to take over anything — yet. But in a world where the pandemic left us with nowhere to go, our digital profiles became so much more important. 

Depending on restrictions where you live, many of us still aren’t going out as much as we used to. Social media has become the main way for us to connect in times of isolation. Looking hot while chillin’ on the couch is the new aesthetic.


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This may sound gloomy, but the truth is that it’s actually kind of fun and accessible. Couture pieces that the average person may never be able to purchase are suddenly a possibility — at least in photos.

In fact, your gamer friends may be able to grasp the idea of digital fashion better than you. Fortnight players have been shelling out real cash on “skins” for their avatars for years. Other games have partnered with major brands to offer stylish, one-of-a-kind, digital wears. While slightly behind on the trend, fashion is starting to catch up to — and even be inspired by — the gaming world.

In 2018, Scandanavian brand Carlings unveiled one of the first digital collections, Neo-Ex, inspired by video games like Tekken. Meanwhile, other digital fashion houses, like Tribute and Dress-X, are popping up, slowly but surely.


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So, how does it work?

Basically, you purchase a digital outfit from a retailer and, in most cases, submit a photo where a team of “digital tailors” will use 3D software to “fit” the outfit to your picture. They’ll send it back to you and you’re free to use the photo any way you please!

In some cases, you may be able to purchase the outfit and use 3D software yourself. 

If you don’t think this idea will stick, consider the fact that the first-ever piece of digital couture was sold for $9,500 on the ethereum blockchain. That’s right, a very unreal piece of clothing was purchased for some very real cash.

As more brands get in on the trend, shoppers will see more and more affordable options, though. Retailers like Dress-X offer pieces that go as low as $30. No matter your budget, there’s something for everyone, and digital couture is certainly the wave of the future.

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