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Amazing Disney-Inspired Makeup Tips

by Facetune Team / December 27, 2021

Disney might have sold us a bill of goods when it comes to making us believe in Prince Charming and unrealistic love stories, but at least some Disney things are totally attainable in real life — like the beauty and makeup looks of Disney princesses. Disney makeup might have started in movies but it is real and applicable to everyday makeup routines.

Go full-on costume appeal or take these Disney makeup tips for a more everyday vibe. Regardless of which Disney princess you are (according to all-knowing internet quizzes), these tips will work across the board.


You need a glow. Disney princesses always appear youthful and healthy. And their flushed cheeks certainly come from encountering their princely crush — not hot Cheetos and vodka. So, choose a highly pigmented cream blush to keep you looking like you were just awakened with a kiss from a long slumber. 


In the 1930s, Snow White became Disney’s “it” girl and would lock into place that iconic doe-eyed look nearly every Disney princess has. For the look, you’re gonna need the longest, fullest set of false eyelashes you can find… or at least 20 layers of mascara. To really nail it, make sure the mascara is thicker/longer on the outer corner of your lashes, and use a white eyeliner on your bottom waterline to widen your eye and create that cartoon effect.


All Disney princesses have full, voluptuous lips. To achieve the perfect princess pout, opt for a bright matte hue, which will show up great in pictures, last all day, and be oh-so-Disney. And don’t forget to apply lip liner just above your natural lip line to help with the illusion of a fuller lip.


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These tips apply to nearly all the princesses, but here are some extra points to separate your favorite royal from the rest. 


For Cinde-relly’s basic beauty look, use cream, peach, and pink hues of blush and lipstick, and perhaps some soft blue shadow on the eyelids.


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Anna and Elsa

For Anna, you want a full brow and barely-there arch. Some pomade and a brow pencil will work great for this. Shadows should be brown and don’t forget the faux freckles.

For Elsa, think pink — this chick was always freezing after all. Get yourself a pink blush and apply a bright pink shadow all over your lid. Add some purples to your crease and outer corner of the eye. Blend with a fluffy brush and then get your highlight on. Use glitter and pat on anywhere you think Elsa would sparkle like the snow. 

Snow White

Think: creamy-smooth complexion, a soft dark brow, and iconic cherry-red lips. Use a lip liner and top with gloss to finish the look.


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Belle had that natural beauty thing going on, so fill in your brow with pomade and brow pencil. Use light brown shadows, pink blush for a natural flush, and peachy shades of lipstick. 

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For Jasmine’s lovely complexion, don’t be afraid to get your contour on. Color in a dark bushy brow and use a gold eyeliner along your upper lash line and crease. Connect the two for a winged effect and fill in with an emerald, blue, or purple shadow. 


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Now that you’re looking glowy and regal with your awesome Disney makeup, go out there and get your prince/princess (or crush your other goals because there are many things that are worth pursuing in life)!

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