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eBoy Explained: A Guide to eBoy Fashion & Makeup Trends

by Andrea Spanik / May 3, 2022

Who says eGirls get to have all the fun? Certainly not us! There is plenty of room at the table for eBoys, and if you’re ready to make a splash with your style, this could be the perfect group to align yourself with.  

And hey, let’s be real, as much as we see style trends come and go—especially on TikTok and Instagram—eBoys don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. 

So move over Kourtney and Travis. If you can nail down your eBoy image and bring your girl along with you for the ride, they’ll be no denying that there’s a new power couple in town.

Hold up, what is an eBoy?

If you already know what an eGirl is, an eBoy is basically just the male counterpart, but let’s assume you’ve been living under a rock, and you have no idea what an eGirl is… 

The eGirl and eBoy trends are part of a youth subculture that we’ve mostly seen popularized because of TikTok. 

@itsromebaby Loll tbh idk why I stay messing up… smh i gotta do better hahah #fyp #foryou ♬ hot girl bummer – &lt/3

It’s usually a trend taken on by Gen Z (sorry, millennials), it exists entirely online (no real-life eBoys), and you better believe the eBoy practices gender fluidity (more on this later). 

Basically, if you want to be an eBoy, you need to have a digital persona, spend plenty of time online (particularly TikTok) and you need to master a particular aesthetic which we’ll get into. 


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Oh, and did we mention that eBoys are always looking sharp? Similar to their eGirl counterpart, eBoys get plenty of attention for their good looks. eBoys also spend most of their time creating TikTok videos that include clothing transformations, lip-syncing to sad songs, and plenty of eye-rolling and tongue action (IYKYK). 

@gilmhercroes sorry bro @gileanhoek ♬ Tutu x Dougie x Look at me now – Kuya Magik

Yeah, it might sound a little random, but once you’ve gone down the rabbit hole of the eBoy, we’ve got a feeling you’ll struggle to come up for air. Let’s review the specific look of an eBoy so you can master the style.

Capturing the eBoy Aesthetic

Without the eBoy aesthetic, you’re just a poser trying to get in on this trend, and nobody wants that, right? 

While there is certainly room for interpretation when coming up with your own unique eBoy aesthetic, there are some general “rules” you’ll want to follow if you want to truly snatch that eBoy title. 

First, eBoys are almost always effeminate. They often shave their facial hair, wear makeup, and highlight their more feminine features. In other words, they give off an almost “soft boy” aesthetic.  


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In terms of style, you’ll find that eBoys are a mash-up of emo, skate culture, anime inspiration, goth, punk, and K-Pop. And yeah, that might seem like a lot to juggle when designing your aesthetic, but remember this, while style is obviously important, a true eBoy knows how to master the eBoy vibe and mood. Think a little depressed, allusive, timid, and vulnerable.

Nail that and you’ve already got a big piece of the eBoy puzzle solved.

eBoy Hair Trends

If you want to master the eBoy look, you better get used to the middle part. 

That’s right, eBoys love their middle parts, and you better believe they play up that middle part with a longer-than-average shag cut that is often paired with a two-tone dye job that highlights that middle part.

Think curtain bangs but for boys. 

You can go for a messy look or something more sleek and straight. 

@tonylopez🧑🏻‍🦱♬ Old Town Road – Тот самый Вовка🥕

The only requirement: Your hair should look stylized and intentional. The eBoy cares deeply about his image. He’ll take the time to get his hair just right, and you better believe his hair will help contribute to that “pretty” bad boy look that he is so well known for.

eBoy Makeup

Do eBoys wear makeup? If that’s a question you have to ask yourself, you might want to give up on your future as an eBoy now. 

Yes, one hundred percent, eBoys wear makeup, and they do it with total confidence and pride. 


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From dark-rimmed eyeliner to drawn-on stars under the eyes, eBoys have no reservations about spending some time in the mirror nailing down their makeup. 

In fact, some eBoys will take things up a notch by implementing full glam looks into their eBoy aesthetic. 

In general, though, when it comes to nailing down that makeup, think of this as just another tool in your toolbox to look sleek, just how you want. (a.k.a. The top priority of any aspiring eBoy). 

eBoy Outfit/Style in 2022

When shopping for your eBoy looks think skater style and streetwear. Your style won’t look super fancy or done-up, but don’t be fooled, just like with everything else about an eBoy, your look is very intentional and thoughtful. 

Some outfit choices and styles you’ll want to keep an eye out for include: 

  1. Baggy tees with graphics


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  1. Checkerboard Vans or Converse (tube socks required) 
  2. Chain wallet 
  3. Striped shirts 


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  1. Oversized fits


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  1. Monochromatic outfits (black, black, and more black)
@tonylopezYeah 👦🏻♬ original sound – ✌︎︎

  1. Black skinny jeans 
  2. Beanies 

Bottom line: You don’t have to incorporate all of these style ideas. For instance, some eBoys will want to show off their ideal eBoy hair so they will skip the beanie, and some eBoys will prefer the striped look to an all-black look.

Pick and choose which eBoys styles work for you. Just be sure you’re intentional about your look. eBoys know their style backward and forwards.

eBoy Jewelry

eBoys love their jewelry. Dare we say, the eBoy moto is the more chains, the better. Think chain necklaces, chain wallets, and chain bracelets. 

While you can’t go wrong with chains, you can also add some chunky rings and earrings to your look. 


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Accessories are always welcomed in the eBoy aesthetic.

eBoy Nails

That’s right, eBoys have no fear about painting their nails. Remember, eBoys are all about blurring those gender lines, and that includes rocking some polish. 


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Most notably, eBoys opt for black nail polish (chipped polish is always welcomed). 

You also might see some colors thrown into the mix if your aesthetic is less punk-inspired, but by far, black polish is the go-to choice for most eBoys.

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