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eGirl Explained: Everything You Need To Know About eGirl Trends

by Andrea Spanik / May 4, 2022

We’ll give it to you straight: If you’re still taking your style advice from the conventional influencer, your age might be showing.  


Don’t get us wrong, we love taking a peek inside the glamorous life of a good influencer. A luxury trip to St. Barths here, a cute Birkin bag there. What’s not to love? It’s fun, aspirational, and there’s still a place for these conventional style influencers in the digital space. 


If you’ve got plans to stay on top of the latest style trends, it might be time to start looking into eGirls and what this group is serving up on digital platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Once you do, we’ve got a feeling your love for colorful hair and fishents are going to increase tenfold.  

(And hey, don’t worry, if you’re still scratching your head over this latest craze, we’ll walk you through it step-by-step so we can ensure you’re showing off your best eGirl style). And feel free to check out our sister guide, for eBoy trends.

Ok, so what is an eGirl?

Let’s let the cat out of the bag right off the bat: An eGirl isn’t necessarily a style trend or aesthetic that anyone can just copy (sorry).

While there are certain eGirl looks you can implement into your life—which we’ll discuss below—an eGirl is actually a term used to describe a Gen Z gal who has some type of digital presence, often in gaming and/or anime. 

@egirl.spams Bck I guess #fyp #trend #egirl #bsck #banned ♬ original sound – Niana Guerrero

Having said that, she’s not just your average influencer things doing influencer things, like going to meet-ups or reviewing products. And instead, an eGirl is most likely found in her bedroom, alone, completely absorbed in creating content or simply just being online in some way, shape, or form. For example, an eGirl could be a gamer or someone who does cosplay online. Whatever the case, an eGirl undeniably has that online presence going for her.  

Plus, even when you do happen to see an eGirl out-and-about in real life, she no longer holds that eGirl label. An eGirl exists strictly in the digital space. An eGirl is a persona, and once you step outside the digital world, your eGirl persona disappears with it.  

Okay, so you know what an eGirl does, but does that mean any Gen Z gal who is online automatically gets to claim she is an eGirl? 

Sorry, sister, but no. 

eGirls have a very specific aesthetic and look, so if you want to join this club, you better take notes.

Mastering The eGirl Aesthetic

The number one thing you have to nail down if you want to join this allusive group is the aesthetic. 

The general aesthetic for an eGirl is… well, there is no one aesthetic that encapsulates the whole eGirl vibe… And yes, we know that might be confusing considering we just said the aesthetic is so important. The thing is, while the eGirl aesthetic is important, it’s open to interpretation, which is why it takes a lot of creativity and love for style to get right. If you think you’re just going to jump into this world and have the whole vibe nailed down, you’re in for a surprise. 

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 The eGirl aesthetic is a mashup of things, which is why it takes so much creativity and style to get right. If we had to sum it up, we would say the aesthetic is a bit punk, emo, and goth with dashes of skate culture, anime, and hip hop making their way into the mix. You’ll even get some cosplay vibes thrown in there if that’s your jam. 

As an eGirl you get to create your own take on the aesthetic, but as we said, don’t be lured into the trap of thinking just anyone can claim the eGirl label. We’ll take a look at what other eGirls in the digital space are putting out there, and that should help you with coming up with your branded persona.

Playing With eGirl Makeup

Look up eGirl makeup on YouTube, and you’re going to find no shortage of video tutorials detailing how you can master this look.

Tbh it’s kind of overwhelming, so if you want to come up with your own eGirl makeup look that is totally unique to you, here are some eGirl makeup ideas that will get you started on the right foot: 

1) Winged eyeliner and heavy eye makeup will never fail 

Pro tip: liquid eyeliner is your friend. Use it to your advantage. 

2) Vibrant eyeshadow 


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A post shared by Eve (@eve.frsr)

As much as the dark eyeliner is big in the eGirl world, don’t be afraid to also play with colorful shadows. Pink, green, blue, purple, it’s all fair game on your lids.

3) Babydoll eyelashes 

@rainbowsourbelts?♬ original sound – 🍪

We’re not playing around here. It’s all about the big, over-the-top lashes. 

4) Squeaky clean skin with peachy blush 


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Hello baby face skin.

5) Thick, shapely brows 

No pencil thin brows. No way.

6) Add all the glam


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A post shared by Nava Rose (@thenavarose)

Drawn on hearts, crystals, stickers, do it all. 

7)Add a dash of blush onto your nose for a sweet and innocent look, 


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A post shared by Emma Langevin (@emmalangevinxo)

Voila! You’ve achieved eGirl status

Well, not so fast, there’s still quite a bit left if you want to master the eGirl image.  

Getting The eGirl Hair Right

eGirl hair is actually quite simple. 

Well, perhaps not simple to execute, but in terms of a look and style, the easiest way to achieve eGirl status is to start dying your hair using all colors of the rainbow. Pink, blue, orange, green, and purple, no color is off the table as an eGirl.


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Well, except for your standard brown or blonde. Conventional hair colors are not for the eGirl. Feel free to try a hair color app to test the waters before doing it IRL.

Or, if you do want to go with a more conventional hair color, you better bring it in other departments like your makeup and outfit. Case in point below.


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A post shared by Eve (@eve.frsr)

Throw in some two-tone colors, bold streaks, or full on rainbow hair and bonus points go to you. 

Beyond dying your hair, popular hairstyles amongst eGirls include:

1) Pigtails


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A post shared by Nava Rose (@thenavarose)

2) Space buns


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A post shared by Eve (@eve.frsr)

3) Middle parts


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A post shared by rari kari (@rari_kari)

4) Hair clips


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A post shared by 🌿Gamer GF🌿 (@rusty.fawkes)

5) Bangs

A classic eGirl bangs hairstyle.

Bottom line: As an eGirl feel free to have fun with your hair. The more drama, the better. 

Putting Together An eGirl Outfit

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: your particular eGirl style is very dependent on the aesthetic you choose to go for. Remember, you have options: grunge, punk, skater, anime, cosplay, etc. You can go for an ultra sexy aesthetic, or you can go for something that feels raw and edgy. eGirls are never limited. 

Because of this, though, the eGirl aesthetic can be a bit all over the map, which means a lot of aspiring eGirls get tripped up when they don’t really understand their aesthetic/vibe. 

We’re going to give you some outfit inspiration here to get you started on your eGirl journey. Just remember, being an eGirl isn’t about copying someone else’s style (*yawn*). It’s about embracing your own unique style and showing off your eGirl status. Take what you love, leave what you don’t. Easy.

1) Plaid Skirts


It’s time to embrace that school girl look. In the eGirl world, plaid skirts are definitely in.

Go for an ultra short hemline and some pleats, and you’re a step ahead.

2) Fishnets


We told you that grunge/punk style was a part of the eGirl aesthetic, and we meant it.

3) Oversized everything

@angela_halee__ Yes #fypシ #fyp #foryou #egirl #ethot #dc #gamergirl ♬ Snack – Alucard Everlasting

Sure, you can go for the ultra-sexy look with the short hemlines and the corset-inspired tops, but eGirls also have the option to go with oversized silhouettes. Think men’s style hoodies and boxy t-shirts with graphics of your favorite cartoon characters.

And hey, if you go between that more oversized aesthetic and something more sexy, you get bonus points for keeping people on their toes.

4) Platform sneakers


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A post shared by Nava Rose (@thenavarose)

Get them in a rainbow color scheme like this, and you win the eGirl game.

5) Belt Chains

On a plaid skirt or attached to a pair of baggy neon pants, a belt chain is one of those pieces of clothing that every eGirl has in her wardrobe.

Don’t forget eGirl jewelry

Not got gonna lie, in our books, eGirl jewelry is where it’s at. 

In fact, if you’re just starting to dabble in this world of the eGirl, we recommend starting with jewelry. It doesn’t require a huge upfront investment, you don’t have to totally reinvent your style, and there’s no need to go dying your hair every color of the rainbow right away.  

Little effort, big impact? Yes, please. 

Some eGirl jewelry pieces you can start playing around with include: 

1) Choker necklaces 


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A post shared by Emma Langevin (@emmalangevinxo)

2) Multiple layering chains 

3) Charms like hearts, crosses, and butterflies

Your Nails Definitely Matter

If you’re going to try and pull off the eGirl look, you might as well go for it one hundred percent. Yup, we want you to achieve this look all the way down to your nails. 

You basically have three options when it comes to editing your nails your nails as an eGirl: 

1) Grunge (oval or coffin cut; dark colors)


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A post shared by Nava Rose (@thenavarose)

2) Soft (longer; pink, patterns, or a rainbow of colors) 


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A post shared by Nava Rose (@thenavarose)

3) Punk (stiletto shape; similar to above, but the most extreme with decals like stars and gems added)

We recommend picking your nail design based on the rest of your aesthetic. For instance, if you’re an online gamer, you’re not going to want to go with any long nails that would get in the way of your use of a controller. If you’ve got a bit of a grunge vibe going on, you might want to stick with black nails, but if you have more of that cutesy, anime-inspired feeling, you’ll probably opt for more color and decals.

What is your eGirl style?

Are you feeling inspired to start playing with your eGirl style? Are you itching to get your hands on a box of hair dye? or perhaps you can’t wait to experiment with some eGirl makeup trends.

Whatever the case, remember, this is likely not going to be a style you master in an evening, but with a little time and patience, it’s possible you might soon be adding eGirl to your resume.

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