Retouch & edit selfie videos quickly and easily with Facetune Video.

Facetune Video does for videos what Facetune does for photos: smooth skin, whiten teeth, contour features, apply makeup and add filter effects to videos in seconds.

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I Love facetune two This is an app that helps me build my confidence.


Love it!! Can perform miracles before your eyes.
Get this app ASAP Facetune 2 Rock!.


FACETUNE This app is so cool! I used to edit my picture on instagram and wow it turned out so well I would definitely recommend this app!!


Love this app! I love this app! I post a ton of pictures and used to always edit in photoshop. This saves me so much time and does exactly what I need! They are responsive when you have a question too!


Love this app! Facetune has been such a lifesaver for me
and friends I’ve been using it for a lot of photos selfies and just photography photos I am looking forward to more ways to
improve photos and see how things process
thanks guys!

What can Facetune Video do for your TikTok selfie videos?

Upload-Ready Skin

Smooth your skin fast with our slider airbrushing tool.
Our TikTok selfie video editor gives you an instant, sunkissed glow.
Bye-bye, shine. Mattify oil, sweat, and unwanted shine fast.

Instant TikTok Glo Ups

Go ahead, smile for the camera. Whiten your teeth for a TikTok-worthy grin..
Let us pick up the tab for your all-nighter with the under-eye conceal tool.
Use our TikTok selfie video editor to fill in and thicken those brows!
TikTok moves fast, but our touch up tool moves faster. Get an instant makeover with one tap.

Retouch with One Tap

Show off a pouty lip on your next TikTok challenge. Emphasize or minimize features to your heart’s content.
Who needs falsies? Change color or intensity to draw attention to your eyes.
Pull your TikTok clips together with one cohesive filter.
Facetune Video’s overlays let you add sparkle, light effects, and neon to your videos.
Save your signature look and retouch all of your TikTok selfies with a tap.

TikTok Selfie Editing, Made Easy

Bring your A-game to TikTok with heavy-duty lighting fixes.
Focus and sharpen your TikToks for a truly professional finish.
Cool down or heat up your clips in an instant!

When it’s TikTok o’clock, don’t spend hours editing (and then trashing) your clips. Bring everything together in one filter, retouch your looks, and instantly glo up your selfie game with Facetune Video’s selfie video editor. Our TikTok selfie video editor puts powerful, professional tools in your hand for eye-catching vids. Get everything right in one take with freaky-smart editing tools.