Transform your look with the AI hairstyle & hair color changer

Switch between styles and shades in your photos with just a tap. Dive into the fun of Facetune app’s hairstyle and hair color simulator tools.

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Try on different hairstyles

Ever wanted to rock a bold blowout, soft curls, short hairstyles, or a layered look without the commitment? With Facetune's hairstyle simulator, try out these hairstyles for women first virtually, right from your phone, skipping the scissors and post-hairdresser regret.

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Hair Color Changer

Change hair color in photos

Why stick to one hair color when you can have them all? Our hair color simulator allows you to try different hair colors, from ash brown hair color to classic brown, vibrant red hair color, and beyond.

Go from brunette to blonde, sample new highlights, and experiment with the most trending hair colors.

It's a change hair color app that's as versatile as your style. Test, embrace, and color your hair in just a tap!

Make every day a good hair day

Bad hair days? Say no more. With our hair filters in the virtual hair editor you can smooth out that frizz, kiss those split ends goodbye, and boost that shine.

It’s more than just a haircut style app, it’s your tool to make every day a fabulous hair day on your terms and at your convenience.

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Virtual Haircut App

Try a new look every day with AI hairstyles

With our AI haircut simulator, you're no longer confined to a single look. See yourself with different hair colors, try out new cuts, or simply change hairstyles whenever you're bored.

Experiment with the latest trends or personalize your look further with custom prompts. Slay a new look every day.

How to change my hair color & hairstyle in photo?

  • 1

    Upload your photo

    Start by uploading the photo you want to edit.

  • 2

    Choose your transformation

    Select ‘Hairstyles’ to play with different haircuts or ‘Hair’ to change up your color. For hairstyles, opt for our presets or personalize your look further with custom prompts.

  • 3

    Enhance and personalize

    Fine-tune your look by adding shine, adjusting texture, or fixing any details.

  • 4

    See your new style

    Watch as Facetune gives your hair a fresh, new vibe, all in seconds.

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Hairstyles and Colors FAQ

Is Facetune’s hair color try-on feature free to use?

Yes, it is! Facetune is your go-to free hairstyle app. We provide a free app to change your hair color, allowing you to enjoy exploring different shades without any costs.

Does Facetune have a blonde hair filter?

Why yes, we do! Whether you’re contemplating blonde or just testing the waters, our hair dye filter to change hair color has got your back. Tap and see yourself in a new shade.

Does Facetune use AI to change your hair color?

Yes! Facetune uses cutting-edge AI hair color changer tech to give you lifelike results.

Can I use Facetune’s virtual hair try-on tool to see myself with highlights?

Of course! With our virtual try-on highlights tool, preview and play – all without the foils.

Can I use Facetune's haircut app feature for men?

Certainly! Men, hop on board and try on an array of hairstyles and colors.

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