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Flower Photography Hashtags for your IG

by Andrea Spanik / December 16, 2021

I get that not everyone wants to skip through a field of daisies singing kumbaya, but you don’t need to achieve Flower Child status in order to throw some flower hashtags into your latest Instagram or TikTok post.

Whether we’re talking about that brilliant bouquet of flowers that bae just bought for you, or it’s one of those magical spring days where it feels like everything is in bloom, we always support a little flower photography action. And of course photography hashtags.

Plant some joy with your Instagram flower pics, and while you’re at it throw in these flower hashtags to get more eyes on your post. Might as well, right?

#flower #flowers #flowerpic #floral #nature #beauty #flowerstagram #flowerphotography #flowerpower #flowerlovers #garden #floweroftheday #flowermagic #flowerbouquet #flowergram #flowergarden

All of these work, but can we be real with each other for a ‘sec?

When it comes to posting pics on our IG feeds, we all tend to be a bit pickier about what we share (gotta keep that Instagram aesthetic looking its best, right?).

Anyway, because of this, there’s a chance you might not be taking up a precious spot on your grid posting simple flower pics.


If so, take some inspiration from these hashtag ideas that incorporate flowers, but step a little outside the box of your basic flower pic.

Flower photography hashtags for weddings


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A post shared by Emily Schuman (@emilyschuman)

You know weddings are popular on Instagram, and you know you want to be posting about things that are popular, so don’t be afraid to give your flower photography a little wedding twist.

Because seriously, what wedding have you ever been to where there weren’t at least some flowers to snap a pic of?

It’s basically a little 2 for 1 situation, which we’re all about.

#flowerarrangement #bouquet #weddingflowers #weddingdecor #weddingstyle #wedding #weddingdetails #weddingdesign #weddingdecoration #weddingbouquet #weddingdiaries #weddinginspo

Flower photography hashtags for spring

When you think of flowers, what’s the first thing you think of?

We might have primed you a bit with this heading, but it’s hard to argue with the clear association between spring and flowers.

If you’re getting some “spring has sprung” vibes and you want to share about it on IG, there’s a good chance they’ll be a flower or two in your pic. Give these hashtags a try:

#springflowers #springday #spring #springtime #springphotoshoot#springblossoms #springcolors #springfeeling

And by the way, if you want to add flowers into an otherwise flower-less pic, you can add a floral background in just one tap with Facetune2.

Flower photography hashtags but make it green


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A post shared by Amanda Stanton (@amanda_stantonn)

No hate to flowers or anything, but if you keep your eyes on home decor trends, you know that greenery is taking over.

Gone are the days where bouquets of flowers graced people’s dining room tables. These days, the more plants you fill your house with the better.

Use these “flower” hashtags if you have a green thumb:

#plants #green #plantsofinstagram #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantlove #plantpower #plantlife #plantlady #plantaddict #plantmom #plantcollection #plantstyling

Flower hashtags for tattoos

Who doesn’t love a flower tattoo?

Well, okay, maybe your grandma doesn’t but come on, there’s a good reason why flower tattoos are so popular.

If you’ve got a pretty, little (or big) flower tattoo that you want to share with your followers, these hashtags are for you:

#flowertattoo #tattoodesign #tattoolove #tattooart #tattooink #tattoogirl #tattooideas

See, we told you: Flower hashtags don’t just have to be for generic pictures of flowers *yawn*.

Bring some life to your IG feed with these flower photography hashtags.

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