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Hangover Makeup: Drink Water and Apply Makeup in 3 Easy Steps

by Facetune Team / December 6, 2021

I’m not gonna drink much tonight, you vow to yourself.

Fast-forward a couple of White Claws later and everything is hilarious. Hell, you’re hilarious. That creepy dude who’s been staring at you is even looking… kinda hot. You decide one gin-and-tonic roadie won’t hurt — it’s low in carbs, after all. Then someone yells, “Shots!” Oh, why not. 

Always remember, fam: Shots are the devil. Enter hangover makeup.

Now it’s tomorrow and you’re not convinced it was all worth it. Depending on your generation, it can hit a bit different. But come, come my butterfly — no matter your age, you will most likely experience the awful effects of a brutal hangover one day.

Life goes on, of course. You still have work the next day, or a brunch scheduled with your parents. Luckily, there are plenty of hangover makeup tips to help you look a little less rough.

Own It

You know the phrase “hair of the dog”? It means that to cure a hangover, you should just start drinking again. Okay, we don’t recommend that, but a similar strategy may actually work for your makeup.

It’s inspired by an Asian makeup trend called igari, where you basically accentuate all the features of your hangover (puffiness, redness, etc.) for a very “I meant to do that” vibe.

Here’s how to get the look:

  1. Skip the foundation and concealer. It’s genius! You want to crawl back in bed and a full face is the last thing you feel like putting on. What you will do is use a bit of blush to mimic that flushed feel from the night before.
  2. Ride the puffy-eye wave and draw a half-circle under your eyes with a contouring pen, then blend. This will help accentuate the puff for an effect the Koreans dubbed “charming the fat.” Next up, use blush under the eye, which will camouflage some of your redness, yet make your eyes pop.
  3. Line the eyes. You have a couple of options here: You can line the eyes in red shadow, or use a black eyeliner and smudge it a bit. Skip the shadow altogether, or opt for a light cream color. It suggests, I slept in my makeup / I tried, but not too hard.


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If this feels like a bit too much for you, remember that there are other traditional hangover makeup tactics that can help.

Hydrate Inside and Out

Alcohol is extremely dehydrating so be sure to drink lots of water. Better yet, try an electrolyte-rich beverage like a sports drink or juice. 

After you wash your face with warm water, splash some cold on there. Not only will it wake you up a bit, it’ll also tighten pores and help to reduce puffiness. The age-old trick of placing cucumber slices over the eyes works great, too. The coolness of the cucumber acts as a vasoconstrictor that slows the blood flow. You could also try green tea bags.


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Skip the Heavy Stuff

You’ll want to skip the foundation because it will only accentuate how dry and dull the skin is. However, be sure to lather up in your favorite moisturizer and consider using a tinted one that will even out your skin tone.

When it comes to your eyes, less is more. You could benefit from skipping eye makeup altogether, or aim for neutral tones of shadow, light mascara, and a touch of blush.


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Now, at least your face is ready to face the world. For the rest of your body, be sure to eat nourishing foods and get some good rest so you’ll be all charged up for the next party. And hopefully you won’t need a whole lot of hangover makeup next time around.

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