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How to Shoot Magical Photography in Facetune2

by Katie Davies / February 9, 2022

Hey, I love a classic selfie, but sometimes you just want to kick things up a notch.

Do you want your selfie photo to look mysterious, alluring, and even a little bit … magical

Whether you’re a grown-up Harry Potter nerd who wants to inject a little magic into your daily life or you just want to jazz up your social media feed, magical photography is a must-try. 

With the right setup, you can turn yourself into a foreboding witch of the enchanted forest or a sparkly pixie up to mischief. The good news is that you don’t need an expensive camera or setup to do magical photography right. Try these nine Facetune2 features to add a dash of magic to any selfie. 


Magical photography feature #1: Add sparkle

Nothing says “magical forest pixie” better than a dash of glitter. But glitter IRL is crazy-messy and a little annoying to apply — that’s why you should use Facetune2 to drop in some extra sparkle!

Just go to Makeup > Glitter. Choose your desired shade of sparkle and dust it over your makeup, outfit, or background for an extra dose of magic. 


Magical photography feature #2: Get supernatural eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul. So, if you want your eyes to stop people dead in their tracks, adjust them with a few taps in Facetune2:

  • Color: Skip the colored contact lenses. Master magical photography by giving yourself red, purple, or orange eyes with just a tap. 
  • Details: Zhuzh up the natural features of your eyes with this simple slider.
  • Reflection: Do you need the light to hit your eyes differently? Change up the Reflection in Facetune2 to make yourself look like a menacing wizard or innocent gnome — experiment to see which setting fits your look the best. 

Magical photography feature #3: Add a magical filter

Take your selfies from “meh” to “magical” with the right Facetune2 filter. There’s no need to buy a fancy lighting setup; just try the app’s pre-loaded filters to transport your selfie to another world. 

Here are a few of my favorite filters for magical photography: 

  • Golden: If you’re going for the warm glow of an enchanted fairytale meadow, Golden will help you master the look.
  • Attitude: Do you see yourself as the evil queen who gives Snow White the apple? Slap the Attitude filter over your selfie for a jolt of cold, wicked beauty.
  • Ultraviolet: Whether you’re casting spells or brewing love potions, the Ultraviolet filter gives your selfie an immediate out-of-this-world vibe. 
  • Rose: Honestly, if Glinda the Good Witch were on Instagram, she would use the Rose filter. This is perfect for nailing a pink, bubbly look for your magical photography shoot. 
  • Twilight, Dark, or Royal: These three filters add different layers of romantic darkness to any photo. It’s great if you took a magical photography selfie in the sun but need a more foreboding look in your final pic.

Magical photography feature #4: Amp up the color

Facetune2 lets you change the overall color of your selfies. So, if you want a more purple, pink, or green hue to your selfie, the app lets you tap your way to color perfection. Just go to Color > Hue and choose your fave color for your selfie.

Magical photography feature #5: Dye your hair (without the dye)

Your normal hair color is gorgeous, but wouldn’t something more unique fit in better with your magical photography? 

Get rid of boring shades of brown with Facetune2. The Hair feature lets you turn yourself into a sexy pink-haired pixie or a fiery demon. 

Use the Recolor tool to give yourself supernaturally sexy pink, red, blue, or purple hair. Best of all, you can try on different shades of magical hair color without a pricey trip to the salon.

Magical photography feature #6: Slip into something more magical

Oops! Did you accidentally get your old T-shirt in a photo? Don’t worry — with Facetune2, you can make your ordinary clothes look magical. Add sparkles, galaxy colors, and other patterns to perfect your look without a wardrobe change. Just go to Clothes > Prints for an instant fix.

Magical photography feature #7: Adjust your backdrop

Your small apartment probably doesn’t scream “magical.” Instead of buying an expensive backdrop, use Facetune2 to transport your selfie to a magical, otherworldly realm with Backdrop.

The app comes pre-loaded with magical backdrop effects like ice, stars, and flowers. But if you want a truly unique look, upload your own backdrop for an instant change of scenery. 

Magical photography feature #8: Add lighting effects

There’s no need to buy a fancy camera for magical photography. Just drop in cool lighting effects after you snap a selfie with Facetune2 Lighting FX. This feature adds in high-end-looking lens flares and light — no Photoshop required. 

For magical photography, I recommend these lighting effects, but you do you: 

  • Rainbow
  • Iridescent
  • Beam
  • Flare

Magical photography feature #9: Switch up the sky

Facetune2 lets you apply a filter or color over your selfies, but it also allows you to totally change the sky behind you. If you took an outdoor selfie and don’t think it looks quite magical enough, edit the sky with a few taps in the Sky feature: 

  • SS01 gives you a warm-caramel look that’s great for comforting, golden fairytale photos. 
  • SS04 will give you a dreamy, purple wonderland. 
  • GT05 is fantastic for a dark, foreboding look. 

Facetune2 lets you customize the sky as you see fit, too. Change the horizon and opacity of the sky effect to get the perfectly magical look.

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