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How To Take A Slofie

by Andrea Spanik / June 8, 2021

Oh yeah, the slofie is a thing, and it’s coming in hot all over Instagram and TikTok.

And sure, while we don’t necessarily want to see every. single. thing. in slow motion—we get it, you have an iPhone 11, congrats—buttttttt a little slofie action once in a while isn’t a bad thing in our books.

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If you’re in the mood to start utilizing that fun little “slo-mo” button on your iPhone, let’s get you all up-to-date on this selfie trick, okay?


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First things first, what is a slofie?

You don’t have to be an Einstein to put this one together, but just in case you had a late night…

A slofie is basically a slow-motion selfie.

The term “slofie” was coined by Apple back in September of 2019 when releasing the iPhone 11. While other phones might have similar features, the actual term “slofie” is an Apple thing.

You can find the “slo-mo” feature on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and all other later editions of the iPhone.

But what exactly does a slofie do?

Slow motion video… Okay, but like, what does that do when you’re taking a selfie? Is it just slow motion of someone smiling, or…

Yeah, we get it, a slow motion selfie does sound kind of weird since we tend to think of selfies as stationary images where it’s all about getting that perfect lighting and ideal angle.

How are you supposed to do this if you’re moving around?

Well, that’s why the slofie is best suited for selfies where there’s intentional movement in the photo.

For instance, simply smiling and moving your head in a slofie is awkward, whereas your hair blowing in the wind is cool and sexy.

Taken at 120 frames per second, you want to seek out that movement that’s going to make an impact on camera, ‘ya know?

Don’t worry, we’ll give you some more tips on shooting your perfect selfie below.

How to take a slofie

Okay, let’s all get up to speed on how to actually take a slofie: (Not to be confused with our guide on how to take a selfie).

1. Open up your camera app on your iPhone

2. Navigate to your front-facing camera

3. You’ll notice at the bottom of the screen, you have various camera options, including portrait, video, landscape, etc. In this lineup, on anything higher than an iPhone 11, you’ll also notice that you have a “slo-mo” option. Swipe over to this option.

4. Now you’re ready to shoot your slofie. Click the red shutter button as you would with any video. To stop, tap again, and voila, you’ve got yourself a slofie.

Just remember, while there is no time limit on a slofie, longer videos will take up more storage on your phone, especially because these are slow-motion videos.

How to take the “perfect” slofie

Let’s be real, anyone can follow the above instructions, tap on the red shutter button, and start recording a slofie.

Butttttt if you really want to nail down that slofie and upload something worth double taping, follow these quick and easy tips.

1. Avoid using audio in your slofie

Unless you’re going for that creepy, slowed-down audio, you’re probably doing to want to avoid this when possible. Slowed-down audio is not nearly as appealing as slowed-down video.

Just letting your video do the talking is the way to go here.

2. Show off a cool backdrop

While we know you like being the star of the show, slofies don’t always have to be all about you.

Slofies are great for capturing cool backdrops. In particular, any travel photos where you’re in a spot that has fast-paced, consistent movement, like a waterfall, traffic, or sparkly lights would all work well in a slofie.


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3. Bring in others

Again, we don’t want to tell you that you can’t take a slofie by yourself, but bringing in others might be the key to your slofie success.

Whether it be a cute puppy licking your cheek, the hubby plopping a kiss on your cheek, or your bestie high-fiving you, bringing in others to the mix can take your slofie to another level.

4. Edit your slofie

We know you probably don’t want to spend too much time fiddling around with your slofie, but one easy selfie edit you can make to change it up is to play with when your slow-motion video starts and ends.

For instance, if you were to take a slofie right now, you would notice that the photo is automatically in regular speed both at the start and the end of the video.

To switch it up, you can pick the exact moment when you want the video to go into slow motion by selecting “edit” on the photo.

From here, you’ll notice at the bottom of the image, there are multiple frames of your slofie with a thin, vertical, white line.

This line indicates when the slofie starts and ends. Drag the white line in order to select where your slow-motion video starts and ends.

Preview how this looks by clicking the play button. Save your changes by selecting done.

And there you go, you’ve got a little more control over how your slofie looks.

5. Get creative

Dramatic hair blowing in the wind pretty much always looks great in a solfie, right?

Yeah, we’d say so, but hey, don’t be scared to experiment a bit with your slofie. While not every idea you have is going to be a winner, trying out new ways to share content is how you’re going to stand out from the millions of others who are also posting slofies.


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We can’t exactly tell you how to be creative—that’s up to you—but don’t get stuck in the trap of posting the same slofie over and over again. *yawn*

(But hey, no shame if you want to post one cool hair blowing in the wind slofie. Seriously, it always looks good).


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Ready To Take Your Slofie?

Whether or not the slofie has taken over the way Apple intended it to is debatable.

Perhaps people are just not enthused about using a word like slofie?

Whatever the case, this is a selfie trend that is at least worth testing out to switch up your pics.

Because seriously, a million stationary images of you smiling is so last year. Let’s add some movement into our selfies, shall we?

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