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39 Quotes That Say, “I Love You More Than…”

by Facetune Team / October 14, 2021

It’s finally happened: You waded through the trash-filled swamp of the dating world and connected with a special someone. 

Whether you’re a new couple or you’ve been together for years, your love is something that you want to share with the world. 

Now that you’ve perfected your pose and snapped a cute selfie with your bae, what should you write in the caption? How can you say ‘you mean so much to me‘ without sounding corny? Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a caption that is the perfect distillation of your love.

That’s where we come in! This list of 39 “I love you more than…” quotes is perfect for Instagram captions. (You can swipe from our list; we won’t mind.)


Try one of these “I love you more than…” quotes for happy occasions, moments when you and your boo are feeling low, or for times when you just want to share a heartfelt message about how your love makes you melt. 

1. I love you more today than I did yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow and the many days to come.

This is a fancy way of saying, “I love you more every day.” But it has a certain poetry to it, doesn’t it? Use this caption with a selfie of you guys holding hands, hitting the town on date night, or even when you’re about to walk down the aisle (eek!). 

2. I love you more than there are thoughts in your head.

Are you dating someone who has ADHD or anxiety? You know there is a carousel of thoughts spinning in their head, but that’s why you love ’em. This quote lightly pokes fun at your sweetheart’s big ideas — and lets them know you’re on board with them, too.

3. I love you more than you say you love me times a million more.

Do you catch yourself saying, “No, I love you more!” and getting into an “I love you” war with your partner? Don’t be embarrassed! It’s pretty common when you first start dating. You can win that play-argument with this cute, loving caption.

4. I love you more than tacos. 

Check out this spicy statistic: In the U.S., 42% of adults eat at least four tacos a month. That’s a lotta tacos, guys. The world clearly adores this crunchy, savory treat, so why not let bae know you love them more than the heavenly goodness of tacos? 

5. I love you more than Target.

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a Target, you know it has a cult-like following. And if you and your sweetheart frequent the discount bins at Target every week, they’ll know you really love them with this quote.

@lmandallTarget is life. ##target ##targetstore ##targetlove ##parkinglotlove♬ original sound – lmandal

6. I love you to the moon and back. 

Maybe this sounds a touch cliche, but the distance from the moon to the Earth is 238,900 miles one way. That’s almost half a million miles round-trip, or over 20 trips around the Earth. If they’re willing to go this distance for you, you should put a ring on it, stat.

7. I love you more than there are fish in the ocean. 

This quote is great because we have no idea how many fish there are in the ocean. It means that you can’t count or even fathom all of the ways you love them. Isn’t that cute?

8. I loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will.

This gem of an “I love you more than…” quote is magical because it rhymes. You can slap this bad boy on any Instagram pic of you and your special someone and it would rake in tons of heart emojis, guaranteed.

9. I love you more than the distance between us. 

Hey, long-distance relationships are tough. You can do a cute side-by-side image of you and bae in your respective apartments, longing to be with each other. It’s a little bittersweet and heart-wrenching, but it’s part of what makes your love story so beautiful.

10. I love you more than rainbows.

There’s nothing purer and more awe-inspiring in this world than a rainbow. This “I love you more than…” quote is cute and silly, but it’s a great way to let your partner know they light up your life. 


11. I love you more than Sundays but less than Fridays. 

You can say things like this when you’ve been with someone for a while. If you live for the weekend, hopefully your partner will see the humor in this quote. Definitely skip this one if they don’t have a sense of humor.

12. I love you more than you could ever know. 

Each person in a relationship gives something to their partner. They don’t have to know about all the things you feel for them to know you love them. This simple, short quote is perfect for hinting at all the unsaid ways you adore your bae.

13. I love you more than yesterday. Yesterday you got on my nerves. 

This lighthearted joke is perfect for long-term couples who manage to get through everything together. 

14. I love you more than a cat loves a box.

Y’all ever see a cat with a box? There is no bond stronger than the one between a cat and an old shoebox. Let your cat-loving sweetheart know you value them more than a cat values literally the only thing they love.


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15. I love you more than life itself. 

A little dramatic, but why not? If you’d happily jump in front of a train to save your ride-or-die, this “I love you more than…” quote is more than appropriate. 

16. I love you more than Bella loves Edward.

Any Twilight fans in the house? Your bae doesn’t have to be on Team Edward or Team Jacob for this one. Since Bella is OBSESSED with a man who could most definitely eat her, this quote speaks for itself. 

17. I love you more than everything. 

“Everything” includes your dog, your phone, your family — that’s a lot! When your significant other is your entire world, this “I love you more than…” quote lets them know how important they are in your life.

18. I love you more than I think I should. 

Do you love your bae so much that it hurts? This quote is the perfect caption for couples who are maybe a little too attached at the hip, but it works for you. 

19. I love you more than a kid loves cake. 

Have you ever seen kids at a birthday party inhale huge slices of cake? It’s terrifying. Kids go bananas for cake, so use this lighthearted quote to let your boo know how much they mean to you.

20. I love you more than Kanye loves Kanye. 

We all know Kanye loves Kanye A LOT. Probs too much, if we’re being honest. Kanye’s known for intensely loving himself — but if you can direct your intense love toward another person, that’s something special.


21. I love you more than wine. 

Does your partner want you to go to the alcohol-free holiday party at their office? Let them know you love them enough to go without liquid courage for an evening. 

22. I love you more than I could ever say because you take me the way I am. 

It’s hard finding someone who loves you for you. This deep, heartfelt quote celebrates your partner’s capacity to love, and how you’re trying to live up to their standard.

23. I love you more than zombies love brains. 

Braaaains, braaaaaaains! I can see this caption going nicely with your Halloween selfie with bae. 

24. I love you more than I love myself. 

Let’s just be honest here: People love themselves a lot. If there’s someone in your life that you put before yourself, that’s something special. 

25. I love you more than I love Instagram.

On average, people spend about 30 minutes on Instagram every day, but selfie-lovers might spend much more time on the platform, and if you’re trying to become an influencer, you probs love Instagram a lot! Let your bae know you still put their feelings above your followers, likes, and content. 


26. I love you more than forever.

This quote might seem nonsensical at first, but that’s the point. “Forever” could be the rest of your life, it could be heaven, it could be the cosmos. “Forever” is an abstract concept here, but it touches on the never-ending commitment and trust you share as a couple.

27. I love you more than flowers in spring. 

There’s something lovely and hopeful about seeing fresh grass and flowers emerge after a cold winter. This tells your partner that they’re a breath of fresh air and a welcome sight. 

28. I love you more than my next breath.

This is similar to “I love you more than life itself,” but it’s more personal. It means that you would sacrifice your own life for your partner’s. Romantic, eh?

29. I love you more than your mistakes. 

This is the perfect caption for situations where you and your partner have moved past a big issue, like infidelity or a big argument.

30. I love you more than sleeping in. 

Does your honey like to wake you up at 7 a.m. every Saturday morning to go for a run? If it were anyone else you’d probably give them the middle finger, but this caption is perfect for acknowledging that you’re willing to give up sleep for a chance to be with bae. 

31. I love you more than coffee.

Many people are downright addicted to coffee and can’t go a day without it. This quote is a perfect way for coffee-lovers to let their partners know just how far they’d go to prove their love. 


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32. I love you more than I love drama.

This quote is cool because, depending on your photo, you could make it serious or funny. On a serious note, you could make it about cutting off toxic people who don’t support your relationship. But in a more lighthearted way, it could poke fun at your obsession with reality TV. Decide where you’ll take it.

33. I love you more than you deserve. 

Use this one carefully, guys. While most of these quotes are perfect for couples who can’t get enough of each other, this caption is about loving each other on your hardest days. 

34. I love you more than words could describe. 

Can’t think of fancy words to describe your feelings? Trust me, you don’t need any. Just let them know you can’t even explain how much you love them; that says a lot on its own. 

35. I love you a little more than yesterday. 

A little less serious-sounding than some of the other quotes on the list, this is another way to say, “I love you more every day.” It’s cuter, though, because it shows how your love keeps growing over time. 

36. I love you more than you know, and I’m hoping you love me more than you show.

This is another caption that you might use if you and your partner are having issues. If you aren’t sure how your sweetheart feels about you, this quote can get them to open up a bit more. 

37. And I promise you this: No matter who enters your life, I will love you more than any of them. 

Friends and family come and go. If you’ve made a lifelong commitment to your partner, this “I love you more than…” quote shows that you’ll be a constant source of strength forever. 

38. I love you more than Jaime loves Cersei. 

Yes, the Jaime-Cersei thing was kinda creepy, but boy were they each other’s ride-or-die. 

39. I love you more than Joey loves pizza.

“Joey doesn’t share food!” If you and your partner are big fans of Friends, you’ve got to hit them with this one the next time you’re grabbing a bite to eat. 



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