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75 Perfect Hashtags for a Wintry January

by Facetune Team / December 23, 2021

Some people love the warmer temperatures, longer days, and lighter nights of summer. I don’t blame them.

But there’s something about wintertime that’s just so comforting and sweet. I mean, fun snow days, chilled nights in, comfy knitwear — where do I sign up?!

Winter is also the perfect excuse to get cozy in your house. On a dark and blustery day, you can never have too many hot drinks, scented candles, and fluffy blankets on hand.

And while you’re engaging in the Danish practice of hygge, which involves finding happiness in simple and comforting things, you might as well post on Instagram and make the world envious of just how cozy you are.


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When you do, be sure to use some of these perfect hashtags for a wintry January.

Use January to Level-Up Your Instagram Hashtag Game

Let’s face it, people are much more likely to be hunkered down inside in January when the freezing cold weather drives everyone to lock their doors and hibernate until spring.

Plus, of course, there’s the Christmas comedown. 

After spending more than we earn on gifts and lots of time going to social events, most of us are either broke or exhausted. (I’m usually both, which means I have to spend the majority of January saving money and energy. Oops.)

And what does the digital generation do when we’re stuck indoors? We go on Instagram. In other words, prepare for your engagement rates to skyrocket.

Say It With Me Now: Quality Over Quantity

Speaking of Instagram, the best way to increase your reach (and therefore your engagement) is to include hashtags in your post captions. The best selfie hashtags help users find your posts easily (even as the pesky algorithm makes it harder for creators to grow).

The current limit for the number of hashtags per post is 30, so you might as well use all 30.

That said, it’s better to use a handful of high-quality hashtags that are relevant to the subject you’re posting about than a bunch of generic hashtags just for the sake of it.

The more specific your hashtags are, the more likely your ideal follower will be searching for them — and the happier they’ll be when they find your posts!

Sparking a positive reaction in your ideal follower could then result in positive action, such as a like, comment, or even a follow. 

(Yaaas, queen.)

30 Best Winter Hashtags for Instagram

‘Tis the season to snuggle up because the weather is snow joke!

Use the following hashtags in your winter-related Insta content:

  • #snowsnowsnow
  • #snowtrip
  • #snowman
  • #snowtubing
  • #snowfairy
  • #snowangels
  • #snowscene
  • #snowballpower
  • #snowlandscape
  • #snowmuchfun
  • #wintermakeup
  • #winternails
  • #winterfashion
  • #winterdecor
  • #winterwedding
  • #wintervibes
  • #winterlook
  • #winterclothing
  • #winterphotography
  • #winterseason
  • #winterwonderland
  • #winteroutfit
  • #winterishere
  • #winterfood
  • #wintercamping
  • #winterfun
  • #wintertime
  • #wintersport
  • #wintergarden
  • #winterskincare

Cozy Hibernation Hashtags for Instagram

Just call my house “the hibernation station” in winter. Go on — I won’t be offended!

While you’re at it, insert these Instagram hashtags into the posts that are showing off all things cozy:

  • #cozyhome
  • #cozyvibes
  • #cozyroom
  • #cozycottage
  • #cozybedroom
  • #cozyliving
  • #cozydecor
  • #cozyplace
  • #cozycorner
  • #cozyhomes
  • #cozytime
  • #cozycozy
  • #cozygirl
  • #cozylivingroom
  • #cozystyle
  • #cozyhomedecor
  • #cozyweekend
  • #cosyhome
  • #cosyclub
  • #cosycorner
  • #cosyinterior
  • #cosyhouse
  • #cosylounge
  • #cosynights
  • #cosyevening
  • #cosyknits
  • #cosykitchen
  • #cosyreading
  • #cosysunday
  • #cosybed


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January Themed Hashtags for Instagram

The following January-themed hashtags are more generic for the ‘gram. However, depending on the pic or vid you’re publishing, it doesn’t make them any less relevant:

  • #january2022
  • #januarybaby
  • #januarychallenge
  • #januarywrapup
  • #januaryreads
  • #januaryphotochallenge
  • #januarybirthdays
  • #januarytrip
  • #januarywedding
  • #januarygoals
  • #januaryblues
  • #januarymood
  • #januarysales
  • #januarydeals
  • #januaryfavorites


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Bring the Sunshine in January With the Perfect Instagram Hashtags

Banish the January blues by lighting up your captions with appropriately wintry hashtags.

This will give your posts context, showcase your personality, and boost your metrics all in one. That’s what we call a triple win.

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