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The Best of Balance: Leo and Libra Compatibility

by Makenzi Wood / April 6, 2022

Do you know what happens when you mix fire with air? You get an even bigger flame, and that’s exactly what happens when Leos and Libras get together. 

Leo and Libra compatibility is one of the most balanced matches of the zodiac. This dynamic duo has strong compatibility both in friendship and love

Sure, Leos are known to be spontaneous and Libras crave balance, but this pair’s differences are what make things exciting. Libra might be a little laid-back for outgoing Leo, but at their core, they both value loyalty, which is a biggie. 

When you mash up Leo and Libra, you get a generous — if self-indulgent — pair. See how Leo and Libra compatibility stacks up in romantic relationships and friendships. 

Leo and Libra dating compatibility

Leos are fiery and passionate, so the calm stability of a Libra can balance out Leo’s occasional spazziness. Leo’s energy and assurance make Libra feel braver and more confident, too. 

Leo is a natural-born leader and Libra has a passion for fairness, so they can make for a powerful pair in social settings. Honestly, this couple is disgustingly cute. It isn’t unusual for them to be inseparable, especially in the early days of a relationship. 



Leos and Libras are no strangers to self-indulgence, so this pair is a fiery matchup between the sheets. But Leos and Libras also make a great couple because: 

  • Libras are easygoing: Leo needs a lot of attention, but Libra doesn’t mind in the least. Libras want to keep things balanced, so they’re happy to give Leo the attention they crave. 
  • They share core values: Although Leo and Libra seem like polar opposites, they have shared values that make for lasting love. They’re both loyal extroverts who love big, romantic gestures. 
  • Fights de-escalate easily: Leos are known for fiery arguments, but thankfully, Libra’s level-headed nature keeps the peace when stubborn Leo won’t budge.


Sometimes the differences between Leo and Libra can spiral out of control, leading to problems like:

  • Dominance: Libras are more indecisive, which can frustrate the confident, domineering Lion. This can lead to outbursts from Leo that cause Libra to feel attacked or misunderstood. 
  • Ego: Leo is ruled by the Sun, which represents the Self. So, uh, yeah, Leos tend to have an ego. They need to be the center of their partner’s attention. If Leo’s ego isn’t appeased, they’ll feel dissatisfied with Libra. 
  • Jealousy: Because of Leo’s ego and intense needs, this matchup risks causing a lot of jealousy. Libra is a social butterfly who can come off as a bit of a flirt, which doesn’t work for Leo. While Libra values harmony and tries to keep the peace, Leo is likely to feel angry and jealous if they don’t get all of their partner’s attention.

Leo and Libra friendship compatibility

Leo and Libra compatibility is pretty good in the realm of friendships, but this is likely to start off as an intense relationship. As extroverts, both Leo and Libra like to do similar things, so if you want a pal to go on adventures with, this is an ideal pairing. 

Leo loves being in the spotlight and Libra is just fine being in the middle of the pack, so socially, the two work well together. 


The problem, though, is that Leo and Libras tend to have more superficial relationships with each other. They’re so busy having fun that they forget to actually connect with each other. So, if Leo and Libra forget to dive a little deeper, they’re probably going to grow apart after a few months of super-intense hangouts. 

Leos and Libras find the sweet spot

In social settings, you can’t beat Leo and Libra compatibility. Leo’s willingness to lead and Libra’s desire for fairness make for a true power couple, whether you’re dating or just besties. As long as Leo can control their ego and Libra gives Leo the attention they crave, this pair can really go the distance. 

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