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Is It Getting Steamy in Here? Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

by Makenzi Wood / March 28, 2022

When you mix a fire sign and a water sign, things get steamy. Leo and Scorpio are a fire-water matchup that’s definitely powerful and fueled by #goals, but it can easily get too intense, too fast. 

Leos are known for being confident, warm, and affectionate. Symbolized by the celestial Lion, they’re pretty damn fierce. Scorpios are symbolized by the celestial Scorpion, which makes them powerful, emotional, and brave. 

While I’m normally not a big fan of fire-water matchups, Scorpio’s edge and mystique can be exciting to Leo, adding fuel to their fire. 

Let’s see how Leo and Scorpio compatibility stacks up as a romantic couple and as friends

Leo and Scorpio Dating compatibility

Like their namesake, Leos are hunters who love the thrill of the chase. Since Scorpios are known for being the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, their hard-to-get attitude is irresistible to Leo. 


Both Leos and Scorpios are known for being passionate and ambitious, but in different ways. If the pair can find mutual appreciation for their intensity, Leo and Scorpio dating compatibility is pretty darn good. 


Since both Leo and Scorpio are determined to do big things, they’re able to understand and support each other’s goals. Actually, this duo can make each other even stronger, so look out, world!

This matchup works in plenty of other ways, too, including:

  • Attention: Leos crave attention from pretty much everyone, but especially from their romantic partners. Scorpios have a tendency to be possessive because they feel things so deeply. Possessiveness normally isn’t a great trait in a partner, but to Leo, it translates to getting the exact amount of attention they need. 
  • Emotion: Both Leo and Scorpio are honest and don’t hold back on sharing their true feelings. Since they’re fixed signs, it might take some time for them to open up to each other, but if they can, the depth of conversation and emotion is off the charts. 
  • Determination and intensity: Leo is passionate and Scorpio is determined. While both signs’ intensity and energy might be off-putting to other signs, it’s a perfect fit for this passionate pair. 


The unfortunate thing about Leo and Scorpio compatibility is that you have two fixed signs together in a relationship. This can lead to a lot of arguments. 


Overall, Leo and Scorpio couples should be on the lookout for problems with: 

  • Jealousy: Possessive Scorpio wants Leo all to themselves and Leo wants everyone to love them and give them attention. Both signs tend to get jealous, but when you add Leo’s temper to the mix, this is an oil-and-water pairing that could cause a lot of resentment. 
  • Ego: Scorpio and Leo have a lot of power, which means that power struggles happen often in this relationship. Scorpio and Leo are known for being immovable and stubborn, so ego and a failure to find compromise can cause explosive breakups. 
  • Light versus dark: Leos are lighthearted, optimistic, and idealistic. But the darker, logical Scorpio thinks Leo is too naive. These differences can easily lead to arguments. 

Leo and Scorpio Friendship compatibility

Leo and Scorpio besties both fiercely (and I mean fiercely) go after what they want. They definitely push each other to do their best, but each sign’s domineering traits can lead to power struggles. In a lot of situations, this plays out as frenemies instead of besties. 

If Leo and Scorpio take a minute and reign in their intensity, they can actually achieve a lot together as friends. This duo also needs to think about how they have fun together. Scorpio’s inner depth means they prefer a small, closer group of friends while Leo prefers to be the center of attention in a large group. 

It isn’t always the closest of friendships, but if the two can overcome their differences, Leo and Scorpio friends make an unstoppable pair. 

Bring On the Drama, Baby

Sick of the drama? Well, too bad. Both Leo and Scorpio are intense, dramatic signs. This relationship can either be full of drama and power struggles or it can be a deep, powerful connection that transforms both Leo and Scorpio forever.

A word of caution: This relationship could turn toxic quickly, so it’s important to funnel each sign’s passion into finding middle ground.

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