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Leo Fashion Tips: 4 Leo Outfits To Embrace Your Inner Lion

by Facetune Team / August 13, 2021

Ready to roar? July 23 to August 22 is Leo season, baby, and if you’re born under this sign, you’ve got the power of the sun backing you up.

“Leo” is Latin for “lion” and it’s the fifth sign of the Western Zodiac. Just like their Fire sign cousins, Aries and Sagittarius, Leos are known for being a little spicy. But you know what? That just means you’re ferociously confident and ambitious.

Like the majestic mane of an alpha lion prowling the savannah, Leos are okay with being the center of attention. But that doesn’t mean you’re self-centered or flaky: Leos are known for being dependable, consistent, and loyal, too. Basically, you’re the life of the party but you also have a big heart.

That’s not to say Leos are perfect (I mean, who is?). Your bravado and confidence can come off as arrogant or selfish if you feel threatened. Leos have a lot of pride, and if a situation or person threatens that, you might have a tendency to double down and protect yourself.

Despite that, Leos are natural-born leaders who love the finer things in life, too. When it comes to fashion, you’re okay with taking a few risks. And once payday comes around, you’re willing to spend a little more for luxe, long-lasting designer looks.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with an Old Navy T-shirt and some flip-flops, but as a Leo, you were born to stand out. Treat yo’self with these day and night looks to catch everyone’s eye — you’re worth it.

Leo Outfit #1: Day Look

It doesn’t matter if you’re just going to the grocery store: every outfit is a new opportunity for Leos to strut their stuff. These Leo fashion ideas will help you turn heads in everyday situations with high-quality looks that won’t go out of style. 

Feminine Look for Leo

Look glam while you hit the streets with your pals. We love the warm orange tones and lace details in this Michael Kors paisley lace dress. Pair it with a couple of low-key (but still fashionable) canvas and leather mules from Burberry. Oh, and don’t forget another nod to your fiery sun sign with these Betsey Johnson Catch The Wave sun studs.

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Masculine Look for Leo

A casual, masculine Leo look is perfect for running errands. This Calvin Klein vertical stripe crew neck T-shirt comes in a brilliant “golden kiwi” color that’s sure to make you stand out for all the right reasons. Pair it with Ralph Lauren’s unbelievably comfortable Sullivan Slim Stretch Jean that’s stylishly distressed. For optimal comfort and style, tie the look together with a pair of Hermes Bouncing Sneakers in smoky gray and yellow

Leo Outfit #2: Night Look

Ready to let your hair down, Leo? You’ve got to burn off some steam after a long day of running errands or diligently working in your cubicle. Whether you’re meeting a close group of friends for drinks or living it up at the club, these Leo-approved looks are sure to stun while you’re out on the town.

Evening Feminine Look for Leo

All eyes are on you, Leo. Shine like the sun in this Gunmetal Faviana dress. We love this pair of Moera Gold shoes from Betsey Johnson that seriously amp up the bling factor. Tie the look together with stunning jewels and gold accents from Kate Spade’s earrings and mini pendant.


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Evening Masculine Look for Leo

Of course, you don’t need sequins to show off on the dance floor. This Classic Fit Oxford Shirt from Ralph Lauren comes in a stunning and attention-grabbing print that’s sure to turn heads. Pair it with a chic chino pant from Ralph Lauren and Cole Haan chukka boots to complete the look. And if you’re in the mood for a little bling, tie this Nordstrom leather bracelet around your wrist.


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The bottom line on Leo fashion for zodiac enthusiasts

Whether you’re fiery and fierce or confident and consistent, every Leo has a heart of gold. Wear your horoscope on your sleeve (literally) with these four looks inspired by the most ambitious of the 12 signs, the Leo. 


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