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4 Balanced Libra Fashion Looks For Fall

by Facetune Team / September 14, 2021

Born September 23 to October 22, Libra is an Air sign that’s symbolized by the celestial scale. That’s probably because you’re obsessed with balance. As a Libra, you crave it, and that’s a good thing. Who doesn’t want more balance in their life? 

As an Air sign, Libras don’t like confrontation and they’ll do just about anything to make peace. If you’ve ever had two friends feuding in your group, you were probably the one to bring them back together. 

People naturally gravitate toward Libras because of their wit and their ability to hold a great conversation. Libras are social butterflies who love spilling the tea (seriously, Libras live for hot goss). 

Fashion-wise, Libras tend to make safer choices because they don’t want to cause a scene. You’re okay with having a great time with friends, vibing, and blending in wherever you go. Of course, Libras can be a little vain, so you probably like taking a few mirror selfies and don’t care who knows it. But that just means you’re confident, and that’s a plus. 

Now, Libras do tend to overthink and procrastinate because they’re idealists. So instead of agonizing over your closet for an hour, check out these four Libra outfits to help you solidify a few solid day and night looks to always have on standby.

Libra Outfit #1: Day Look

Libras love going out and checking up on their friends. Whether you’re meeting Stephanie for coffee or you’re just going to the grocery store, these easy Libra outfit ideas are perfect for socializing. 

Feminine Look for Libra

Stay cozy with this light and airy look that’s perfect for Libras. Pair Free People’s Ottoman Slouchy Tunic with True Religion Halle High Rise Jeans for a cozy but fashionable look. Kick things up a notch with these Retro Scarf Scrunchies from Anthropologie if you have long hair. 


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Masculine Look for Libra

Libra might be an Air sign, but the crisp fall weather around your birthday means layering up! Blend light, airy colors with warmer fall clothes for better balance. Express’s Piped Luxe Pique Polo and Skinny Medium Wash FlexX Jeans are perfect for looking good while you run errands. Bundle up with this supima sweater from Banana Republic and stay comfy in style with these New Ace Sneakers from Gucci


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Libra Outfit #2: Night Look

Time to shine! Libras are known for getting ready at the last minute, so don’t be that guy/gal in your friend group, okay? Get inspired with these two Libra fashion looks so you can get out the door and dance to your heart’s content. 

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Feminine Look for Libra

We’re obsessed with this Cap Sleeve Ruffle Detail Dress from Venus, which is flattering on all body types. If you’re going out on a chilly night, wrap up in a Pure Cashmere Maxi Stole to stay warm. These Betsey Johnson SB-Cady shoes add the right amount of glitz while protecting your feet from the fall chill.


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Masculine Look for Libra

This nighttime masculine look balances comfort with aesthetics. These ASOS jersey shirts are comfortable and hug the contours of your body. Pair them with black Express chinos and Edge Sneakers to pull off a sexy and mysterious look. For added zodiac chic, wear this Libra gunmetal steel necklace


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Balancing the scales of Libra fashion

Libra fashion is all about balance. Whether you’re at work or chilling with your friends, you can look your best while charming the socks off of everyone around you. Create your own Libra outfits to wear your zodiac on your sleeve as you take the world by storm.


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