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Makeup Tips Inspired by the 1960s

by Facetune Team / November 30, 2021

The beauty and makeup of the 1960s is making a comeback with countless TikTokers and Insta influencers. Boho hippie style is marked by dramatic cat eyes, fluffy lashes, and a pale understated lip. It was seen on every “it” girl of the time, from Twiggy as she nailed her model poses to Cher as she crooned “I got you, babe.”

The trickiest part is mastering the sharp eyelid crease, but lucky for us, there have been some upgrades to make modern applications even easier.

Here’s what you’ll need to get a classic 1960s look:

  • a pale neutral (or colored) eyeshadow
  • black kohl or gel eyeliner and traditional liquid liner
  • black volumizing mascara OR fake lashes (consider a magnetic variety for easy application)
  • neutral/pale lip color

Get the Look

The great thing about this look is that it requires just a few steps. Start with a clean face, and don’t worry too much about blushes and bronzers. Feel free to use a bit if it makes you feel more confident, but in the ’60s, you could actually skip this step.


The palest, monochrome eye makeup tones were used in this time period to jaw-dropping effect. Be sure to begin with a primer or concealer on your eyelid for eyeshadow that lasts all day. Choose a white shade, or anything in the pale, neutral family. Consider using a cerulean blue or green, which gives a vintage vibe while still being on-trend.


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Winged Liner

The ’60s trend aside, everyone these days is doing winged eyeliner. A little vintage and a little modern, it’s obvi a timeless staple because it looks good on nearly any eye shape.

The ’60s version is not a subtle one either. It’s a very heavy, thick line. To achieve the look, take your liquid liner and start drawing at the center of your upper lash line. Draw out and up beyond the outer corner of your eye. Then, from the tip of the wing, you will begin another line angled downward, back toward the eye, forming an empty triangle that you will fill in.

Of course, there are many ways to do this with hacks using everything from dental floss to credit cards or tape. So, if you find yourself looking a bit smudgy and hungover, experiment with various techniques.

@ipsyWho knew all I needed all these years was floss. 🙃 #eyelinerhacks #eyelinerhack #beautyhacks #fyp #fpy #IPSY♬ original sound – IPSY

Cut Crease

Next up is the cut crease, which is probably the most ’60s part of all. This is basically a very defined line drawn through your upper eyelid crease in the shape of a rainbow.

Begin by holding a mirror and looking down into it. You want to actually draw your line just above the crease for the illusion of bigger eyes. Make a dot at both ends of the crease and then one in the middle. Connect the dots using your gel or kohl liner. You can keep this line really defined or blend a bit. Finish off by lining your lower lash waterline in your standard black liner or try white for an eye-popping, psychedelic feel.


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Go for fluffy and dramatic here. Use your favorite volumizing mascara, and don’t be afraid to pack on the layers. In fact, if it starts to clump a little you’re probably nailing the look. 

Better yet: Apply a set of falsies. Experiment with different colors and if the mess of glue annoys you, get an easy-to-apply magnetic set.

Women of the ’60s also began to do their bottom lashes, going as far as to draw them out on the bottom lid. That’s right, use a non-smudging liquid liner to draw some dark, defined lower lashes, and be sure to space evenly.


To finish the look, use your favorite pale lip color, preferably in a matte. Skip the gloss or berry shade for an authentic feel that will balance the eyes and never look overdone.


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