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Manicure and Chill: Nail Trends for the Winter Season

by Facetune Team / November 30, 2021

Long after your bright, summer-pink nail color has chipped off and you’re all pumpkin-spiced out, some frosty winter nails are in order to freshen up your beauty and makeup regimen.

This season promises a ton of fun shades, prints, and nail shapes to get you ready for the holiday season!

Winter White Metallics

Nothing is more festive than this sparkly, snowy shade of polish. It’s a little white and a little silver for a very ice-queen feel. Try it in other light shades of pale pink — or opt for something with a little iridescence. The great thing is that this neutral will go with almost any outfit.

Cool Blue Tones

Forget the bright reds this holiday season because this year is all about cool blue tones. The color is unique, ultra-feminine, and so festive. Mix up shades for a fun multicolored look and consider adding some greens!


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Dark Florals

Just because the flowers are dead and your snow tires are on doesn’t mean you have to give up the florals. The trick in the winter months is to go with deeper shades. Black and white floral is sure to be big this season, with options in flower tattoos or press-on. You can even make like Blake Lively and sport actual dried flowers.

Matte Classic

Forget the glossy look — this season it’s all about the matte finish. Matte, neutral colors will be this year’s classic look, but you can always add an interesting spin with overlays of 3D texture in animal prints — or try polka-dots for a snowflake vibe. To tone down the shine of any color, just add a matte topcoat.

Wild Prints

Just like the fashion world, we’ll be sure to see a ton of wacky and wild prints — Lizzo recently got a little matchy-matchy with her plaid outfit and nails. And animal styles are also expected to be a front-runner. Rawr. 

A Twist on French Tips

It seems like each year there is some clever spin on the classic French tip and this winter is no different. A favorite to ring in the New Year will be metallic tips in silvers and golds.

Don’t stop there, though — blues and electric green hues will also be very on-trend. Consider combining a matte style on the body of your nail while donning a glossy tip. Try it in red hues for that fa-la-la-la-la-la feel.


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Brown Is the New Black

Chocolate browns, mauves, and almond hues are the new black. Get creative with a swirly, marbled look that will have you craving a hot chocolate.

Marble Color

In general, the marble nail trend is a win that has already been spotted on a bunch of celebs. It’s also a great way to add a variety of colors, from any palette.

Shape It

Almond-shaped nails will continue to be a good go-to, but if you want to spice it up with something a little edgier, try the lipstick nail. Cut on a slant much like, well, your favorite shade of lipstick, it’s modern and different but not too over-the-top.

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