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Feeling Dreamy? Try These 4 Pisces Fashion Ideas 

by Facetune Team / November 11, 2021

If you were born February 20 to March 20, you’re a Pisces, my friend. This is the 12th and final sign of the zodiac and it’s ruled by the element of Water. Since each sign builds on the lessons of the sign before it, Pisces are some of the wisest, most compassionate people (and I’m not saying that just because I’m a Pisces). 

As a Pisces, you ooze psychic energy and give off a dreamy, intuitive feel. Imagination, secrets, fantasy: The Pisces brain loves to see a world of infinite possibilities. 

Now, this connection with your emotional side can come at a price. Pisces are known to catch emotions and vibe-check almost constantly. The neverending stream of feelings can be exhausting — that’s why Pisces tend to be more introverted. Pisces also are very sensitive people and the harsh realities of the world might send you looking for comfort in the form of escape. 


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Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This symbolizes the duality that so many Pisces grapple with: You want to be productive and driven, but you also want to enjoy creative pursuits independently. 

Although Pisces struggle like anybody else, they still tend to view the world through rose-colored glasses. If you’re ready to rep your zodiac pride, check out these day and night looks that are perfect for a dreamy zodiac sign like Pisces. 

Pisces Outfit #1: Day Look

The symbol for Pisces is the fish, and just like your celestial sign, you’re constantly on the go. Although Pisces have packed schedules, they like to wear their emotions on their sleeve with day looks that are quirky and oozing with personality. 

Feminine Look for Pisces

This Pilcro Martine Peasant Blouse from Anthropologie is romantic, comfortable, and chic. Pair it with ripped high-waist boyfriend jeans and some custom koi fish Toms from Etsy for a personalized, cool look. You can add another little nod to your sign with these Pisces stud earrings, too. 


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Masculine Look for Pisces

It’s February and freakin’ cold outside, so layer up with this Reversible Koi Jacket as your statement piece. Wear a plain blue shirt underneath and distressed light wash denim jeans so you don’t take anything away from the jacket. Tie the look together with these dark blue, white, and black Vans that scream, “Pisces!”


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Pisces Outfit #2: Night Look

Pisces is ruled by the world of dreams, so it’s only natural that you want to go all-out any time you crawl out of your introverted shell and hit the town. Try these two night looks to rep your Pisces pride while you’re at the club, a charity event, or your friend’s fancy birthday brunch.

Feminine Look for Pisces

What’s dreamier than this Starry Night dress from Chotronette? If the cape feels like too much (even though we think you should go for it), you can ditch it and just wear the dress, which is gorgeous by itself. Tie the look together with Steve Madden Grade Blue Snake heels and a Pisces constellation necklace from Zales


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Masculine Look for Pisces

Winter is the perfect time to whip out a statement blazer like this Twisted Tailor jacket in green. Wear a simple black shirt and pants with it so you don’t overshadow the cool details on the jacket. If you’re feeling flashy, throw on a pair of these Blue Crocodile pointed toe Oxfords and a fish charm necklace


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Pisces fashion should reflect the sign’s strength—and its sensitivity

As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces are the pinnacle of dreamy idealism. But dreams aren’t quiet or subdued … as a Pisces, you were born to swim in the other direction.


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Don these four looks to flaunt your imagination as you go about your day, whether you’re snapping selfies or enjoying a good book.


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