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4 Bohemian-Inspired Sagittarius Fashion Outfits

by Facetune Team / November 10, 2021

Sagittarius is a Fire element, but don’t let the flames turn you off. Born November 22 to December 21, Sagittarius is a sign ruled by hugs and laughs. Honestly, if “Live, Laugh, Love” were a person, it would be a Sagittarius. 

As a Sagittarius, you love the outdoors and you have a soft spot for animals. For some reason, the universe conspires to make things happen for you: Sags enjoy a little more “beginner’s luck” than the average person and always seem to win contests.

You’re adventurous and honest and you get along with people well. In other words, as a Sagittarius, you get to enjoy all of the benefits of being a Fire sign without the drama. 

But hey, nobody’s perfect. Sagittariuses are known for being maybe a little too spontaneous, which means you get bored easily. Sometimes you can come off as shallow or commitment-phobic. 

In terms of fashion, you’re all-in on adventurous, easygoing looks that can keep up with your busy schedule. Whether you’re painting the town red or going grocery shopping, these four Sagittarius outfits will make you look fly on the go. 

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Sagittarius Outfit #1: Day Look

Whether you’re the hiking type of Sagittarius or a free-love kind of person, these two day looks are perfectly suited for happy-go-lucky Sagittarius.

Feminine Look for Sagittarius

Winter is around the corner, but you don’t let a few chilly days stand in your way. We love this sweater minidress for bohemian-loving Sagittarius who want to stay cozy in style. Pair it with these East Croco boots, gold fringe earrings, and a Prana Organic headband if your hair is always getting in your face.   

Masculine Look for Sagittarius

Lean into a laidback and comfortable style to do your errands with this Sagittarius fashion look. Work it in these Prana Sepia Brion pants, Express V-neck, and a gray houndstooth bomber jacket. These orange and black Converse tie together this fiery but easygoing look. 


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Sagittarius Outfit #2: Night Look

Ready to hit the town? As one of the most friendly and personable signs of the zodiac, Sagittariuses love outfits that are flowy and comfortable, yet memorable. Check out these two night looks for a little inspo.

Feminine Look for Sagittarius

Throw on Anthroplogie’s Hope For Flowers maxi dress to wear your fiery personality on your sleeve. A pair of Katari knee-high boots will keep your toes warm in style (with vegan materials, no less). Pay homage to your Sagittarius pride with these solid gold studs in the shape of your zodiac sign from Local Eclectic.

Masculine Look for Sagittarius

Ready for your close-up? Snap a few selfies before bar hopping with your friends in this bohemian-inspired look that’s perfect for fall/winter. Start with a knit tunic in red and pair it with some black Prana Hillgard jeans. Vegan leather chukka boots and a winter bonnet cap in gray really pull together this look. 


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The bottom line: Sagittarius fashion is warm and earthy

While the other Fire signs come with a dash of drama, Sagittariuses channel that passion into warm, rewarding relationships. Whether it’s people, animals, or the environment, you’ve got a big heart. Don’t let that go to waste. Make your mark on the world with these four Sagittarius outfits that turn heads. 


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