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See and Be Scene: Tips for Looking Like a Scene Girl

by Davin Sauer / February 24, 2022

Scene girls basically give off an updated emo-chic vibe, a hint of eGirl, with a little less angst and way more color. “Scene” style is actually more than a look — it’s a subculture that centers around community and music. And we’re not talking the depressing, life-is-pain tunes of our emo predecessors; more like upbeat pop-punk, or even hip-hop and rap. The more underground and obscure, the better.

Scenesters do have a specific look but they support self-expression and individuality. They are less judgey than the original punk rock crew, yet their style silently says f*ck you to all the cookie-cutter Insta influencers.

If you’re tired of looking like a classic baddie, try some of these tips for an edgy scene girl aesthetic.


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Hair is probably the most important element of scene girl style. A deep side part and fringe cut define this look. Ask your stylist for a slightly layered cut with jagged edges, and straighten the sh*t out of it. Tease your hair at the crown for a volumizing effect. This is the classic cut you’ll see on most scene girls, but dreadlocks and spray paint work well, too.

Color is also a trademark feature of these punk rockers. If you’re too scared to load on the bright hair color, try it first with the temporary stuff. Patches of color, rainbow and two-tone vibes are popular options.


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Accessorize with cute headbands or a bright bandana to show off the fringe. On a bad hair day, go for a beanie, but be sure to let your hair hang out in the front and sides.


Scene girl fashion can vary, but here are some typical staples you may want to incorporate (when in doubt, just remember edgy layers and color).

  • Plaid, button-down shirts
  • Chunky scarves (for scene girls in colder climates)
  • Leather jackets (be sure to balance this with some feminine accessories like colorful pins or patches)
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, ballet flats, or combat boots
  • Ripped skinny jeans
  • Brightly colored leggings under ripped jeans or a cute skirt
  • Fishnet stockings (try a patterned or colorful variety)
  • Studded belt (a scene girl must-have)
  • Printed tees with graphics of your favorite band or cartoon characters (think: Hello Kitty, SpongeBob, or Jack Skellington) — and true vintage clothes are always best


The scene girl style is both feminine and fierce. So, accessories can help to balance out the chunky, masculine aspects. It’s not uncommon to see ballerina skirts and bows combined with leather and chains. Jewelry is totally acceptable, too, so go for chokers or layer on bangles and armbands until it’s almost uncomfortable to wear. 

This look is also known for piercings and tattoos. Gauges and piercings anywhere on the face are edgy and sexy. Tattoos should be colorful with loads of personal meaning. 


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Opt for colorful eye makeup and a cat-eye with a winged liner. Layer it on heavy — or take it up a notch with a neon version. Some scene queens still go for the dark black makeup of their emo roots, but color is the freshest take.


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