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Lights, Camera, Action! 5 Cool Self Photoshoot Ideas

by Facetune Team / October 3, 2021

Self photoshoots are a fun way to get a bunch of awesome selfies for your IG feed and profile pictures — but they can be time-consuming.

Since a DIY photoshoot is a bit more involved than your typical off-the-cuff selfie or just taking pictures of yourself, it’s best to plan ahead before your photoshoot. 

Ask yourself some questions:

  1. What poses do I want to try?
  2. How many outfits do I need?
  3. Where will I snap my pics? 

If you need some ideas for your self photoshoot, we’ve got you covered. Try these creative photoshoot ideas when you’re selfie-ing solo and could use some inspiration. 

1. Plan multiple outfits

Changing your outfit is a must for any self photoshoot. You might be snapping all these pics in one day, but you certainly don’t want it to look that way. The last thing you want to do is spend an hour snapping pics … only to be left with pictures of you wearing one outfit. 

Pick three to five favorite looks so you can switch up your selfies. Do you have a dress that you absolutely love, but never get the chance to wear? What about that favorite pair of jeans? Don’t be afraid to go for a few different looks — classic, funky, artsy, elegant, etc.

2. Add a prop or two

Props are an easy and efficient way to change up your pictures quickly. Get creative with everyday items by placing a plant in the foreground or stacking up some books beside you. 

Make sure you match the prop to the “feel” of your photoshoot. If you’re going for a casual, laid-back vibe, hold a steaming cup of coffee in your hand. If you’re feeling a little more playful, try blowing bubbles or spinning a pinwheel.


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Just remember to remove any unwanted props from your background. No one wants to see your dirty socks!

3. Switch things up

Variety is the spice of life … and it also makes for much better self photoshoots. Change up the lighting and your camera angles to bring some variety to your shoot. 

Experiment by taking shots with your camera angled high, low, and even from the side. This can change the perspective of your pics — and capture different things in the background — to give each selfie a completely different feel.

If you’re shooting indoors with a lamp, try moving it around to see what lighting works best. Don’t forget about less “traditional” light sources, too. Fairy lights and lava lamps can completely transform the look of your photos. 


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4. Invite Fluffy or Fido to the party

If you’ve got a pet that’s fairly easygoing and happy to jump in on the fun, be sure to include them in your self photoshoot. You can snuggle up with your dog or cat, or hold them so they’re covering part of your face.

Another option is to tailor your picture to their personality. Animals can be just as expressive as people! Whether they’re sleepy, playful, or curious, try copying your pet’s expression for a fun and silly photo op.

5. Use a black and white filter

Switching to black and white can really change the feel of a photo. It’s an easy way to give more depth to your selfies without any extra effort.

Plus, when a photo is in black and white, you start to notice details that you might otherwise miss with a color photo. Things like freckles or even facial expressions become more noticeable.

Quick tip: Most cameras allow you to shoot in black and white, but it’s actually better to shoot in color and use an app like Facetune2 to add a filter and make adjustments. You’ll have more control over the highlights and shadows, so you can get the look just right. 

Plus, if you like the color version better, you don’t have to retake the selfie. 

6. Snap a silhouette pic

Are you bored with traditional portraits? Jazz things up! Silhouette pics are mysterious, sexy, and pretty easy to pull off. Trust me, they’ll make a sweet addition to your feed and rake in a bunch of likes. 

To snap a pic of your silhouette, make sure you’re standing in front of a bright light source. That might be a bright window in a dark room, or even a bright restaurant sign at nighttime. Play with the light settings on your phone’s camera to make sure it picks up your silhouette—and for the love of all that’s good, turn your flash off!

7. Try a different backdrop

There’s a reason why pro photographers like to shoot in different locations. You don’t want your followers to see pics of the same apartment hundreds of times, right? 

Explore new locations around town. Go downtown and find a cool feature, like cobblestone streets or a brick wall. A quick Google search will tell you where the coolest murals are around your city, too. 

If a little expedition isn’t in the cards, you can always buy a backdrop from Amazon. I recommend keeping it simple so you can jazz it up with props for a variety of different photos. 

Of course, the easiest option is to just drop in a new background with Facetune2. The app comes loaded with several nice backdrops, but you can also upload your own backdrop for a more custom feel. 


8. Zoom in. Like, a lot

The thing about a self photoshoot is that you don’t have to take a super-traditional photo every time. Do a photoshoot where you focus just on one detail of your face, like your eyes, lips, chin, or ear. Don’t be afraid to feature scars, birthmarks, tattoos, or piercings—this is the story of you, so share the things that you love about yourself.

9. Play peek-a-boo

Like I said, straight-on photos of your face are okay, but they get old after a while. Try obscuring your face in a few of your self photoshoots. That might mean hiding half of your face with a floppy hat, beautiful curtains, or even a mask. Make it look mysterious or playful—this is your time to experiment with the camera!


10. Pick a self photoshoot theme

Elevate your self photoshoot by choosing a story or a theme for it. That might mean dressing up and pretending you’re part of your favorite movie, cartoon, or book.

But try to pick something that people will recognize. A Stranger Things shoot is fun from a creative perspective, but it also stands out to your followers, too!

11. Play with reflections

Instead of snapping a pic straight-on, try to take your photo in a reflection. Look for reflective surfaces like mirrors, sunglasses, water, car mirrors, or windows. Just take a quick tour around your apartment and I guarantee you’ll find some interesting reflective surfaces for your self photoshoot. 

12. Take action shots with burst mode

Turn burst mode on and get into the action! Burst takes dozens of photos in just a few seconds, so it’s great for capturing action shots that are hard to snap otherwise. Burst mode allows you to pop bubblegum, jump in the air, dance, or ride a skateboard and capture every moment on camera. 

13. Don’t just sit there

Even if you aren’t down for an action shot, it doesn’t mean you should just sit there and snap photos. Why not keep your hands busy? 

Do you have hobbies or interests? If you’re really into cooking, you could do a foodie photoshoot with you baking bread or chopping veggies. This gives your followers a little insight into your world, but it also changes up the photos you’re taking—it’s a win-win!

14. Go retro

Old-timey photos are a fun way to reconnect with the past. Do you have any old photos of your parents or grandparents? Try to recreate them with similar clothes and poses. Depending on what you’re going for, you can make a retro photo silly or meaningful.


15. Add cool effects

Need a little wow factor for your self photoshoot? Add in a little smoke or sparkle! Smoke bombs, dry ice, string lights, confetti, or sparklers add a dash of personality to otherwise bland photoshoots. 

(Btw, Facetune2 lets you add these effects after the fact if you think your self photoshoot needs a little more spice).

Don’t forget to have fun with your photo shoot!

You don’t need to be a professional photog to snap an awesome selfie — and you certainly don’t need to drop a lot of money on a high-end photoshoot. Do your own self photoshoot to have fun while adding more variety to your feed.

These tips will help you get started, but remember the most important rule of all: Have fun!

And if you feel like your pics are still missing that “wow” factor, Facetune2’s selfie editor lets you add some flair to your photos with just the click of a button. Happy selfie-ing!

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