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20 Friday Hashtags To Celebrate The End of The Week

by Andrea Spanik / July 4, 2021

It’s finally the weekend, and you’re ready to kick back, relax, and practice your selfie game.

Sound about right?

We’re all for this, which is why we want to share some Friday hashtags to help kickstart the weekend and get some likes rolling in.

Whether you’re looking for Instagram photography hashtags or TikTok hashtags, pick up that phone, and let’s get snapping!

1) #TGIF

I mean, do we really need to elaborate here? Thank God it’s Friday? Yeah, I think we can all relate to that.

You can even simply use #TGIF as your caption, and no other explanation would be necessary.

2) #fridayfeeling

Whether it’s hanging out solo with a pint of ice cream and your Netflix subscription or hitting the town with your girlfriends, Friday is always a good reason to celebrate.

Relaxed and chilled or hyped and excited, #Fridayfeeling works whatever you have planned.

3) #fridayfun

And hey, on that same note, this is another good one to add to your hashtag repertoire.

(and yes, sometimes fun simply means a book, a mug of tea, and a cozy blanket—no judgment here)

4) #fridaynightdinner

It might not sound like a super popular hashtag, but trust us, there’s something about sharing your dinner on a Friday that has become a bit of a thing on Instagram.

Add your face alongside your decadent dish, and you’ve got the perfect selfie recipe.

5) #fridayfood

Is your dinner kinda meh?

Having a delicious snack? Or maybe you’re all about breakfast? Either way, sharing your food on Instagram with a selfie always wins you some likes.


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5) #fridayreads

Are you someone who likes winding down after a long work week with a good book? (my hand is raised high in the air on this one)

If so, let’s embrace your inner Hermione Granger, and capture a selfie with you and your books.

6) #fridayface

I mean, this is kinda the perfect hashtag for a selfie, no?

Yup, it totally is, and if you’re ever struggling, just pull this one out of your back pocket, and you’re golden.

You’ve got no shortage of options for when it comes to snapping a selfie on Friday.

Plus, don’t forget, we have a whole list of selfie hashtags that are guaranteed to help with any seflie you might post (no matter what day of the week it is).


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But wait a second, what if you don’t want to shoot a selfie? What if getting up close and personal with your face on a Friday just isn’t in the cards?

No worries, you have plenty of other Friday hashtags to choose from.

8) #fridaymood

Good mood, bad mood, whatevs, share it with this hashtag.

9) #fridaythe13th #friday13th

I mean, this one is kind of specific but we couldn’t resist adding it in here because when this day rolls around, you need to use it. No excuses.

10) #fridaymotivation

Tbh, headed into the weekend, I can’t say my motivation is particuarly high. For the most part, I would prefer to spend my Friday lounging.

But hey, if you’re a weekend warrior who wants to get people pumped as they head into the weekend, we highly recommend this hashtag.

11) #fridayfitness #fridayworkout

Speaking of all you motivated peeps out there…

Might as well show off your commitment to your fitness with this hashtag.

12) #fridayfashion

It’s time to ditch the work week wardrobe and show off your best Friday night outfit.

And hey, if your best Friday night outfit consists of your trusty leggings and cozy sweatshirt, we’re all for that too.


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13) #fridayfavorites

We love a hashtag that is open for interpretation, and this one definitely hits the mark.

Share your new favorite fashion find, share a group shot of you and your besties, or even a pic of your pets will do. The sky’s the limit with Friday Favorites.

14) #fridaynight #fridaymorning

I mean, personally, I don’t know if I would have anything interesting to share on a Friday morning, but Friday night…

Friday night is a totally different story.

15) #fridayflowers

Fresh blooms are never a bad idea both in real life and on the feed. Whether you’re strolling and come across your fav flower or someone buys you a stunning bouquet (lucky you), use this hashtag to show them off.

16) #flashbackfriday

Did you miss Throwback Thursday? No worries, we’ve got you covered with Flashback Friday.

Almost equally as popular as #TBT, this hashtag works great for sharing a pic from a past vacation, a big event, or even a childhood pic.

17) #happyfriday

And lastly, let’s end on a good note with something positive.

When in doubt about what to use for your Friday hashtag, this gem will always win.

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