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36 Saturday Hashtags You Need To Try

by Andrea Spanik / July 4, 2021

Congrats on making it to the weekend.

Now let’s pop the bubbly and take some epic IG pics and TikTok videos to really end the week on a high note, yeah?

Next time you’re hitting the share button on your Saturday pic/video, here are all the selfie hashtags you’re going to want to have hiding in your back pocket.

1) #weekendvibes #cheerstotheweekend #weekendfeeling #weekend

Like we needed another reason to love Saturday…

But seriously, if you really need another one, Saturday not only comes with its own set of epic hashtags, but you can also make use of some general weekend hashtags.

‘Ya know, kind of like a little two for one situation.

2) #saturday #saturdays

No explanation required.

3) #happysaturday

Don’t worry, we’re just getting warmed up with some of the more obvious options for ‘ya.

4) #selfiesaturday #saturdayselfie

Has a more perfect set of hashtags ever been created? Nope, we don’t think so.

For a simple hashtag that gets right down to business, we love this little combo. Throw on your favorite lipstick, find that perfect lighting, and get shooting.

If you’re in need of more hashtags for your selfie, we’ve got a full list of selfie hashtags waiting for you.

5) #saturdaymood #saturdayvibes

So what’s your Saturday mood? Are you all about gearing up to hit the town for your big night out, or do you fall into that camp where you’d rather take it easy after a busy work week?

I mean, either way, this hashtag works perfectly.

6) #saturdaystyle #saturdayoutfit #saturdaylook

Banish that work week wardrobe, and embrace your personal style with a little #saturdaystyle moment.

The perfect excuse to get dolled up and take a mirror selfie, all you style influencers better get out there and show off your impeccable taste.

And hey, if you’ve got a BFF or IG boyfriend who is willing to snap a couple of pics of your outfit while you casually pose outside your favorite coffee shop on a Saturday morning, even better.

7) #saturdayshopping

Speaking of those of you who want to show off your outfits, a little Saturday shopping sesh is likely high up there on your list of fav Saturday activities, yeah? We’ve got you.

8) #saturdaynight #saturdaynightout #saturdaynightvibes  #saturdaynightfever #saturdaymorning #saturdafternoon

No matter what day of the week it is, you can always rely on the morning/afternoon/night hashtag to score you some likes.

Buttttt, when it comes to Saturday night, well, let’s just say Saturday night tends to be the best night in our books. Get dolled up, opt for a night in, or play it by ear, either way, Saturday night is always a good excuse for whipping out the camera.

Oh, and hey, we also love a good Saturday morning bed shot. I mean, we don’t have to go for a Rated-R bedroom series, by any means, but a casual, “candid” moment of you relaxing in bed? Sounds like a good photo opportunity to us.

9) #saturdaymorningcartoons

Speaking of Saturday morning….

This one might be a bit specific, but if you’re all about those Saturday morning cartoons, why not throw this photrography hashtag into the mix?

10) #saturdayshenanigans #saturdayfun #saturdayfunday

Hitting the town, grabbing a casual dinner, or hanging with your best pals, this hashtag works for a variety of Saturday scenarios. Throw it in there and see what other people are up to on their Saturday.

11) #saturdaybrunch #saturdaybreakfast #saturdaybaking #saturdaydinner #saturdaylunch  #saturdaynighttakeaway

Got food on the brain? We hear you loud and clear, which is why we’ve got you covered with these popular food hashtags for your Saturday.

12) #saturdaysweat #saturdayrun

Gym-related/workout hashtags also seem pretty popular across the board, and Saturday is certainly no exception. While we personally like to skip the squats and crunches on a Saturday, we admire your dedication.

Show off your commitment to your fitness with this fitness hashtag.

(Cute workout outfit encouraged).


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13) #saturdayquotes #saturdaymotivation

Feeling inspired? Looking to share that inspo? Say hello to your new fav hashtags. Ideal for sharing ideas, thoughts, and perspectives, starting off your weekend with a little quote seems like a good call to us.

14) #smallbusinesssaturday

Love visiting your local coffee shop? All about shopping for your home decor from local artisans? Whether it be a simple coffee or a more fancy piece of artwork, this Saturday hashtag is one of our favs.

15) #caturday

If you have a furry friend you want to show off, Caturday is the perfect excuse.

Yes, this is a real hashtag.

And yes, it sounds a little ridiculous, but it’s one of those hashtags where you’re instantly going to get your pic in front of people who are equally in love with all things cats.

Don’t worry, if cats aren’t really your jam, you’ve got plenty of other Saturday hashtags to choose from.

Which ones will you pick?

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