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Slugging Tips That Will Make Your Skin Look Glowy and Hyper-Moisturized

by Davin Sauer / February 24, 2022

Your skin looks great.

Thanks, I’ve been slugging. I saw it on TikTok. 

(face-scrunching in confusion)

What? It works!!

According to TikTokers, bloggers, and dermatologists it does, in fact, work. So, what is slugging, exactly? Basically, you apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your face, and appear to become a human-size slug. You keep the Vaseline on overnight and in the morning — voila! Glowing, healthy, moisturized skin.

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It’s not just something Insta influencers are doing on a whim, either. The method is derived from Korean beauty practices and is dermatologist-approved.

Icons who have aged well, like perennial thirst trap Martha Stewart, have also long known about its power.

What’s Slugging For?

In an effort to look like a baddie, we use scrubs, peels, and acids, which ultimately break down the outermost layer — and barrier — of our skin. Think of this layer like your frontline defense against would-be intruders, like pollution and UV rays. If this layer breaks down, you are f*cked.

Slugging then, creates a moist, protective environment that gives your skin a faux barrier, and allows the skin to repair itself.

Vaseline is the popular option to slather on but any petroleum-based formula can work. The key is that it’s an occlusive substance, meaning it creates a physical barrier on the skin that locks water in and prevents moisture loss. 

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Does Slugging Clog Pores?

It’s a common concern, but the answer is NO! Spreading sludge on your face seems counterintuitive, but the molecules are actually too big to fit into your pores. However, that doesn’t mean slugging is for everyone.

Dermatologists say the method is great for those with dry skin or eczema, but those with acne or oily skin — beware. It won’t clog pores, but keep in mind that it also doesn’t let any natural moisture out. If you’ve got excess oil, it will stay trapped and irritate the hair follicles. 


How to Slug?

The most common way to slug is to apply it at night and keep it on overnight, when your skin works hardest to repair itself. Simply wash your face and apply your normal moisturizer, then spread on a pea-sized amount of Vaseline. Skip oils, spot treatments, and anything with active ingredients like retinol, as these could cause irritation.  

And, yeah, odds are it will get on your pillowcase. If that doesn’t seem worth it, limit the amount of Vaseline you use, applying it only to the most delicate parts of your skin.

Then, when you wake up in the morning, bask in the glow of your own face!

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