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The Ultimate Guide to Fashion Week 2021

by Facetune Team / September 12, 2021

Fashion Week is a runway event where designers (or “houses,” when you want to talk bougie) show off their collections to buyers and members of the media. Held twice a year — once in February and once in September — the event previews the trends for the following fashion seasons

The runway shows and affairs surrounding them are like exciting (and exclusive) A-list parties. Fashion weeks take place in cities all over the world, but the largest events include the “Big 4”: New York, Milan, London, and Paris. 


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Is Fashion Week Still On?

Yes! The Big 4 will all be hosting some combination of both digital and IRL shows. Call it a case of the Covid crazies, but after a year of staring at the kitchen sink in our pajamas, September 2021 fashion week is shaping up to be bigger and wilder than ever.

Can Anyone Go To Fashion Week?

While many things have changed over the past year or so, the mystery and exclusivity of the fashion world remains the same. Unless you are an industry insider, celebrity, or media professional, you will have a hard time getting into many of the big-time designer events. The majority of guests to the larger shows are invite-only. 

Depending on the city, you can find some open-to-the-public events with tickets that range from $25 all the way up to the thousands for a package deal. Most cities will be streaming some runway shows, so we peasants can catch a glimpse of trends in next spring’s Zara stock. 


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On the plus side, there will be no pressure to look good in case you run into Rihanna.

Your best bet is to view the fashion week websites for the city you wish to attend. Here are the deets:


Paris Fashion Week is back on in-person and is expected to be a stylish celebration of the city’s reopening. As the inventors of fashion week, Paris hosts one of the most exclusive versions, open only to posh VIPs.

Even if you can’t ogle the couture, there should be plenty of buzz around the city to catch your fashion fix. And better yet, opportunities to stream huge designers like Louis Vuitton from your couch.

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New York

In support of a city ravaged by the pandemic, designers are showing up in droves to the Big Apple this year. Favorites like Altuzurra, Moschino, and Tom ford will all be previewing their collections. Odds are you won’t get a front-row seat to these heavy-hitters, but NYFW offers one of the more public-friendly versions of fashion week. There could be a few chances to snag some low-end tickets online or at the door to some runway shows. 

The best part? The Met Gala is back! Considered the Oscars of NYFW, here celebrities show up in over-the-top looks to celebrate and raise funds. This year the event takes place on September 13, with Billie Eilish as one of our favorite, notable hosts.


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London, like Paris, isn’t for fashion wannabes. With 102 participating designers, there will be a combination of in-person and digital events. Alas, many of us common folk will have to throw viewing parties to stream Vivienne Westwood while wearing our discount rack jeans. Orrr … get dressed up and keep your eyes open for unofficial (and accessible) fashion week gatherings sure to be happening around Britain’s fashion capital.


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Forty-two of the 61 shows will be live this year with, again, limited options for the public to attend. Valentino and Gucci will be absent, but you may be able to stream Fendi, Prada, or Versace from a sunny outdoor cafe while sipping your favorite cappuccino. There is the rare chance you could win some exclusive tickets — do a web search for contests, ’cause ya never know, fashionistas.


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Fashion Week Trend Analysis


After a year of doom, gloom, and Instagram arguments, muted neutrals simply won’t do. That’s right, this year’s fashion week is certain to showcase loads of bold color. Not quite fluorescent, but more like electric hues of orange and yellow. Call it a symbol of moving forward with optimism, light-heartedness, and hope.


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And the color of the year?

Orchid Flower Pink. It’s pink with purple undertones, and eye-ball burning intensity. Ultra-feminine and already spotted on runway shows elsewhere, this one will soon be in your favorite stores. 


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Be on the lookout for another top contender: Bottega green. Another electrifying hue, reminiscent of the ’80s, or a psychedelic version of your dad’s lawn.


Speaking of eras past, designers will be bringing back Y2k style with a modern, updated flare. Put away your high-waisted jeans (you know, the ones you just bought), ’cause low-waisted, wide-leg pants paired with tube tops/bralettes are it. Think Britney Spears, circa 2010 (#freebritney). 

Y2k isn’t the only blast from the past, though — expect to see designers drawing inspiration from various decades and centuries to create interesting, modern vintage looks. Suits will continue to have a versatile, gender-neutral feel, with looks that appeal to men and women alike.


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Keeping with the bold theme, our eyes will get to feast on large floral prints for days and maybe some clown-like stripes? Feminine and romantic is in, while classic folk prints will get updated.


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The look of comfort is here to stay. Elevated loungewear will continue to be used by designers in and out of the house. Not sure what to wear to fashion week as you wander the city? Consider comfy biker shorts with a dressed-up top, some bold jewelry, and comfy footwear.

Yes, even comfortable shoes are making a comeback in the fashion world. Birkenstocks and Crocs will easily fit into the latest high-style, ugly shoe trend. Phew.


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Menswear And Makeup

Keeping with bold themes, jewelry will be no exception. And surprisingly, this year we can expect to see a ton of it in the men’s shows, too.

As for makeup, with a world focused on wellness, expect to see models with fresh, glass-like skin AND heavy eye colors. Thick eyeliner and pink or cerulean shadows, with red blush, will lead the trends.


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Get ready, fashionistas — this year’s fashion week is shaping up to be exciting and unforgettable!

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