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These 1980s-inspired Makeup Tips Are Totally Rad

by Facetune Team / December 1, 2021

There’s only one thing you need to know to get your ’80s beauty and makeup just right: Make it bright. The dewy, natural glow of the ’70s was out, and in its place was the brightest shade of pink blush you could find.

Big hair, fluorescent threads, and makeup you could see from a mile away were the go-to trends (seriously, you can see this sh*t from space). For an updated feel, use just one or two of these tips. For a more authentic ’80s vibe, use them all. Pancake face, here we come!


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The natural look just wasn’t a thing in this decade — a full face was it, fam. These days we try to match our foundation to our skin tone (duh), but for ’80s style, choose a tone that is one or two shades lighter than your natural complexion. 


Forget about trying to match your skin tone to your blush, the ’80s vibe says, We don’t do that here. If you aren’t wearing blush in bright pink or purple shades, applied in thick layers all over your cheekbones, who are you, even? That’s right, we said it. Bright. Pink.

You may also want to try out draping. Popularized in the ’70s, but still very in during the ’80s, it was a way to contour the unique shape of your face using blush. Apply from your cheeks to temples, all the up to along the brow bone. Just load it on, girlfriend.

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Blue eyeshadow, which was kind of a thing in the ’70s, became an all-out obsession in the ’80s. Think: Cyndi Lauper, big hair, and blue eyeshadow to nail any ’80s look.

Also popular were electric pinks, purples, and yellows. You can stick with one or try layering for a creative and colorful look. Under-eye shadow was also popular in this decade, so don’t be afraid to move off that eyelid and highlight your lower lid to achieve vintage hair band vibes.


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Mascara for this time was just as colorful. Black can be bland so opt for electric blues, pinks, and violets.

As for your brow, keep it thick and natural. Eyebrows in the ’80s were low-maintenance and even a bit untamed.


In modern times we try to achieve balance with our makeup. Dark lips? Chill on the eye makeup. Bold eyes? Go with a nude lip. It’s the ’80s, though, and balance is nonsense.

So, just like the cheeks and eyes, choose a bright lip color. Cherry red, orange, fuchsia and purple tones were where it was at.

Frosty, metallic shades are also cute for a very “Pretty in Pink vibe. And these days there are a ton of modernized shades that will keep you looking cutting edge with a touch of nostalgia.

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