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Try These 4 Eco-Friendly Looks Inspired by Aquarius Fashion

by Facetune Team / November 11, 2021

If you were born between January 21 and February 19, you’re one of the most compassionate signs of the zodiac: Aquarius. “Aqua” might be in the name, but Aquarius is actually an Air sign. Symbolized by the celestial water-bearer, Aquarians almost literally pour their hearts out. 

You want to save the world — and by golly, you’ve got a plan to do it. You’re definitely a touch eccentric with hippie tendencies, but your goal is to do good for the earth and the creatures who inhabit it. Aquarians gravitate toward humanitarian causes, so it’s not unusual if you’re “that friend” who’s always encouraging your friends to donate to charity or cut their carbon emissions.

Aquarius is a sign ruled by innovation, honesty, and independence. You have a smaller friend group, but it’s a collection of people who are loyal (and who tolerate your little quirks). Aquarians tend to be assertive and upfront, which can rub people the wrong way if they don’t know you, so keep your cool, ‘kay? 

In terms of fashion, Aquarians hate authority and convention. The more unusual your look, the more you’ll want to rock it. And if it contributes to a good cause, even better. Check out these four day and night looks curated just for discerning Aquarians. 

Aquarius Outfit #1: Day Look

Whether you’re on your way to a protest or you’re shopping at a farmer’s market, you want to look good while you take on the world. These two Aquarius fashion looks will help you stand out for all the right reasons. 

Feminine Look for Aquarius

You’re free to hit the local thrift shop for your next inspired outfit, but our hot take on Aquarius fashion is easily shoppable online. Start with Ivory Ella’s Amazon long-sleeve T-shirt and Express’s high-waisted FlexX flare jeans for a retro look — and don’t forget to do a French tuck. Stomp around town in a pair of ethically-created Nisolo Paloma Mules and an Aquarius Enamel Charm around your neck.

Masculine Look for Aquarius

Giving back is in your DNA as an Aquarius; shouldn’t it be in the fiber of your clothes, too? Wear Prana’s baseball raglan and Patagonia transit pants to take on the world in style. Add Everlane’s denim jacket and Allbirds Wool Pipers to complete the look. 


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Aquarius Outfit #2: Night Look

An Aquarian might have a smaller friend group, but that certainly doesn’t mean they turn down a good time. Use these two Aquarius outfit ideas to plan your next night look, whether you’re going on a date or attending a charity event. 

Feminine Look for Aquarius

“Bohemian” is definitely a key term for Aquarius fashion. Turn heads in Anthropologie’s smocked midi dress for a unique look that’s both comfortable and en vogue. Rock Allbird’s Women’s Tree Breezers for sustainable footwear that supports your feet as you dance, drink, or chill with your friends. If your hair is in the way, tie it back with a Color Dance barrette from Ten Thousand Villages. 


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Masculine Look for Aquarius

You can still wear a suit without supporting “the man.” Look dapper AF in this Moss Bros. suit made from recycled materials. Enjoy the comfort of sleek vegan leather with Zette’s Benjie Chukkas, too, and don’t forget a signature Aquarius bow tie as a nod to your sign. 

Aquarius fashion is thoughtful — yet fierce

Aquarius might be an Air sign, but you’ve got all the fiery passion of an Aries. These four fashion looks not only tap into your eco-conscious fashion sense, but they also give you the freedom to do good in the world — and look good doing it. 


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