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Mythical Beast Mode: The Ultimate Guide to Unicorn Makeup

by Davin Sauer / April 10, 2022

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn. 

No one actually knows what that means, but we do know that being majestic AF isn’t just for 5-year-olds anymore. Adulting often comes with too much seriousness — and way too many neutrals. The unicorn trend is a refreshing throwback to a carefree time of whimsy and color.

Call it escapism or just plain fun, but even big department stores have gotten in on this childlike look for grown-ass women. KK herself had a brief stint with her own line of unicorn-inspired makeup a few years back.

And while Kim’s line was about understated eye shimmer and glitzy glosses, the unicorn makeup trend is a little more over-the-top and fantastical. Glitter, holographic shades, a bit of eGirl makeup, and multi-colored looks are what unicorn glam is all about. 

The look is perfect for Halloween, festivals, and holidays. From subtle to real-life horned creature from the mist, here’s your ultimate unicorn makeup guide.

Beginner (or Lazy) Unicorns

We get it, you can’t be all full-on mythical creature all the time. Walking into your office, everyone will wonder, what happened to Linda’s face?? For an understated or beginner approach, apply just one or two of these unicorn-inspired tips.

  • Opt for pearlescent lipstick shades. Pearlescents aren’t just for disco queens, they’re perfect for unicorn wannabes, too. Forget about the matte look, you want shimmer. If that’s a bit too 1980s for you, substitute with a shimmery gloss. Pink shades always work, but remember that unicorns are all about color. Don’t be afraid to try blue or purple hues. If you need to save some time and expense, simply apply a little highlighter to your pout. 
  • Glitter is your friend. This majestic being would never say no to sparkle, so smear it all over your eyelids or opt for a highlighter with some extra shimmer. Line the arc of your eyelid with sticky gemstones, or use them to create “unicorn tears.” For a more subtle feel place single gemstones in the corners of your eyes. If you are an especially lazy unicorn, get yourself some unicorn poop (sometimes called unicorn snot). This is an actual product of adhesive glitter for your face. Sweep it on your forehead all the way down to your cheekbones in an M shape for a uni-look made easy. Got some extra glitter lying around? Be sure that it’s the chunky kind first and use eyelash glue to apply.


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  • Multi-color is the way. You can go for bright color wheel shades here or softer pastels. For a beginner-friendly take, choose different shades of the same color. And don’t be afraid of blush! Bright, pinky blush across the bridge of the nose all the way to the apples of the cheeks creates a youthful, fun vibe.

Profesh Unicorn

Let’s face it, stylized makeup looks are all about the eyes. So if you are more of a beauty and makeup guru and ready to let your unicorn-freak flag fly, try this layered color look.

  1. Apply a primer over the eyelids and all the way up to the brow bones. 
  2. With a medium-size brush, apply a cream color base, then set with a translucent powder. 
  3. Sweep your favorite highlighter across your brow bone.
  4. Just below the brow bone, sweep a bright violet shadow from the inner corner to the center of your crease.
  5. Take a light blue shadow and blend over the violet, but sweep all the way to the outer corner of the eye.
  6. Create a cut crease using a skin-colored eyeshadow, then trace just under this line with a bright-pink liquid liner, sweeping out and up.
  7. Apply glittery pink shadow to the body of your eyelid. Then, apply a lighter blue shade to the outer V of the eye. Use this same shade on the lower lash line.
  8. Draw a standard cat-eye with a bright blue liquid liner.
  9. Apply a glitter mixture over the pink eyeshadow on the body of the eyelid.
  10. Use a gold-toned highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes and on your cheekbones.
  11. Because you want the eyes to stand out, use a more subtle faux-lash style.

You can substitute the colors to suit your preferences. While pastels are very unicorn-y, so are bright rainbow shades. For a simple, understated look use the above technique with one color in varying shades (light and dark).

Once you’ve finished your look, remember to add some elements from above like the right lipstick and gemstones. Don’t be afraid to experiment with changing hair color, nails, and bright clothing either!

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