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4 Virgo Fashion Looks For Down-to-Earth Fashionistas

by Facetune Team / August 30, 2021

If you were born between August 23 and September 22, you’re a Virgo, one of the most practical and improvement-focused signs of the zodiac. It should come as no surprise that Virgos are down-to-earth, considering the fact that Virgo is an Earth sign. 

Virgos are incredibly creative, but can be a little single-minded in their pursuits (hyper-fixation, much?). Your friends might call you a perfectionist, but this simply means that you appreciate the little things and finer details.


Practicality and logic are not bad traits to have. In terms of Virgo outfits, you probably prefer nice, classic pieces that are useful and long-lasting. While other zodiac signs go for luxe designer looks (lookin’ at you, Leos), Virgos prefer to shop from more accessible brands.

Virgos also tend to ditch stilettos in favor of kitten heels — you’ve got stuff to do, after all.


Want to see some Virgo fashion looks that balance beauty with practicality? Check out these day and night looks that are perfectly suited to your unique Virgo temperament. 

Virgo Outfit #1: Day Look

As a Virgo, you’re a mover and a shaker. You spend your days ticking off your to-do list, getting work done, and just generally being a productive badass. Express yourself with these two Virgo fashion looks that are perfect for the daytime. 

Feminine Look for Virgo

Smash your to-do list with this ethereal linen top from Target. We’re suckers for the seersucker fabric and fine details. Anthropologie’s MOTHER jeans will make your legs look nice and long without restricting your movement. Tie this sensible but fun outfit together with American Eagle sandals and a cross-body bag


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Masculine Look for Virgo

Stay cool in the smokin’ hot, late-summer Virgo sun with this linen-blend shirt from H&M; if you’ll be inside all day, layer it with a simple white T-shirt. A pair of Levi’s relaxed straight fit jeans is perfect for looking good while you run errands. Oh, and if you literally need to run while you’re doing those errands, American Eagle’s Donovan Sport Casual Oxfords are perfect for the job. 

Virgo Outfit #2: Night Look

Virgos get a bad rap. Sure, you’re a perfectionist, but you like to let your hair down, too. Instead of battling uncomfortable, tight clothes all night, these two Virgo-friendly looks will help you live it up when you’re out on the town. 

Feminine Look for Virgo

Virgos appreciate beautiful, easygoing looks that let you dance the night away — without worrying about your strapless bra or foot blisters. Opt for a more forgiving fabric like this soft and smooth satin dress from H&M. These brown Guilhermina satin slingback flats from Anthropologie look great and allow you to dance, move, and walk without a problem. Throw on a customized piece of Virgo jewelry from Etsy to add a subtle pop of sparkle. 


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Masculine Look for Virgo

Who says suits have to be uncomfortable? This ensemble from Macy’s is perfect for going out (even on hot August nights). Wear this breathable and moisture-wicking French cuff shirt to stay comfortable. Tie everything together with these subtle Virgo cufflinks and deceptively comfortable Grand Oxford shoes

The bottom line on Virgo fashion

As a Virgo, you enjoy practical, down-to-earth looks that still give you room to be yourself. Feel free to keep crushing your to-do list, and you can always turn to one of these Virgo outfits to inspire your creative side. 

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