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What Is the Most Fashionable City in the World?

by Facetune Team / August 31, 2021

It would be hard to declare a single city the most fashionable in the world. Unique histories and cultures across the globe have all influenced fashion trends. However, the iconic “Big 4” — London, Milan, NYC, and Paris — host the largest fashion weeks around and are where most seasonal trends get started.

The most fashionable city in the world? We’ll let you be the judge…


Known as the founder of fashion week, old-timey Parisian designers would hire women to parade the streets and salons advertising their latest collections. Today Paris continues to be a mecca for setting the trends and setting the bar high. 

Fashion week here is home to iconic designers like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Dior (are you drooling yet?). French style is often about understated, quality classics — nothing too relaxed or wild like what you’d see on American or British streets. Haute couture is where it’s at here, with hand-sewn pieces made from the most expensive quality fabrics.



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New York City

New York City is a fashion tale of rags to riches. Immigrant garment makers and their little sewing machines single-handedly created a global fashion empire.

New York Fashion Week is one of the most exciting and accessible to fashionistas everywhere. Here top designers and household names like Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen, and Calvin Klein got their start.

NYC street style has a little bit of everything to offer. While the fashion elite are known for chic looks in neutral colors (when in doubt wear black), it’s still a wild, creative place to dress. Wanna try a zany new look? No one will even bat an eyelid.  

New Yorkers have mastered the art of the high/low mix. They’ll wear an everyday piece from a place like H&M, paired with a high-end coat or bag that lasts forever. And in a city where people walk everywhere, layers are essential for the changing weather. Comfortable (yet stylish) shoes are imperative. They say you know a tourist by their shoes — the wrong ones.



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Milan is all about high-end quality textiles and master tailoring. At Milan Fashion Week you’ll find Armani, Gabbana, and Prada. This place is so synonymous with luxury, we imagine they roll out of bed decked out in Versace.

With a history/culture marked by a blend of creativity and status, the Italians are known to combine timeless classics with edgier pieces. Somewhere between punk rocker and rich housewife out to lunch, it’s the epitome of high style.


When you think of the docks of London in the old days, you may imagine making out with a shipyard worker who has a sexy cockney accent. Add a little style to your daydream because London’s roots as a trade port allowed it to become one of the coolest fashion capitals in the world. When it comes to trends, London slaps, and its bridge is not coming down. 

The place is known for superior tailoring, hat-making, and shoemaking, a la English gentlemen. It’s a combination of formal and innovative. Royal Kate Middleton has a timeless, formal style, while supermodel Kate Moss was looking rock ‘n roll back in the ’90s. Both of these are London-style. Associated with designers like Vivienne Westwood and the late Alexander McQueen, the city respects classics but also loves to rebel. 

Extremely influenced by pop culture, the London fashion sense has always had an eccentric, theatrical flair. Supermodel Twiggy, exemplified this in the 1960s, as did legendary bands like the Beatles.


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Other Top Contenders

Great fashion isn’t limited to these cities though. Copenhagen has a fashion week that is shaping up to be a surprising hub, and Nordic designers are driving industry change with their focus on sustainable fashion. Ganni and Saks Potts are designers to keep your eye on.


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And don’t forget about the Asian capital of style, Tokyo. The Japanese have an interesting mix-and-match take on fashion. Think: anime meets gothic. It’s an exciting, youthful fashion culture, with crazy good street style. 

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So, there ya go. While falling asleep to dreams of Dior, you can decide which city is the true fashion capital of the world.

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