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how to fix a clothing stain in photos

Remove pesky stains from photos with Facetune! Follow our step-by-step guide to eliminate any stains and have flawless photos every time. No laundry needed!

What's the right hair color for me?

Find the right hair color for your skin tone by learning about undertones. Discover which warm or cool shades suit blondes, brunettes and redheads.

the complete guide to soft girl hair

Here's a possible meta description for the given content: Discover the soft girl hair trend, a cute and feminine style that combines elements of e-girl and VSCO aesthetics. From pastel hair colors to wavy and updo styles, here's your complete guide to achieving the perfect soft girl hair look in 2022.

True Soulmates: Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility

Learn about the intense and emotional relationship between Scorpio and Pisces, two Water signs who share a deep connection and a need for emotional richness. Discover the pros and cons of their romantic and friendship compatibility, and find out what makes them an awesome match.

Two Picky Perfectionists: Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility

Learn how the passionate and competitive Scorpio and practical Virgo work in love and friendship. Scorpio and Virgo compatibility has its pros and cons, but with good communication, physical connection, and shared perfectionism, they make a #PowerCouple. Despite their stubbornness, their deep feelings make for a lasting friendship.

Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

Discover the deep and emotional connection between Scorpio and Cancer compatibility. While their Water sign pairing has potential for hurt feelings, their understanding, protection, and nurturing qualities create an unshakeable bond. Learn about their dating and friendship compatibility now.

A woman enjoy in the sea

Discover the world of Pisces zodiac sign. Known for their enchanting beauty and feminine wiles, they attract many admirers. They possess an artist's spirit and eye for design, are intelligent and have healing abilities. However, their intensely emotional nature can make them difficult and needy, with a tendency towards self-pity and escapism

Scorpio and Taurus compatibility in romance and friendship

What do you get when you mix the celestial Scorpion with the Bull? Well, if they don't kill each other, you're in for a surprise!

Facetune vs Face App comparison

All selfie-lovers! Whether you're at work or at the club, it's always selfie o'clock. Facetune and Face App are two of the most popular iPhone apps to jazz up your selfies. This article explores the features and benefits of both apps, including editing options, hair upgrades, and retouching.

Edit the sky and add clouds with Facetune

In this article, you'll learn how to edit the sky in photos using Facetune. Discover how to remove or add clouds, change the color of the sky, and replace the sky entirely. From bright blues to golden sunsets, the sky plays a crucial role in your outdoor photography.

April hashtags to use on Instagram posts about spring and Easter

Get ready for Easter and April vibes on your Instagram feed with these amazing selfie hashtags! Discover our tried-and-tested list for Easter and April-themed posts and boost your visibility and engagement. Don't get shadowbanned - use relevant hashtags and attract your ideal followers

Leo and Pisces Compatibility

A passionate yet challenging fire-water matchup. While communication and compassion are strong points, their conflicting traits often lead to clashes, hurt feelings, and an uneven dynamic.