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Your all-in-one video editor

Elevate your videos to new heights with Facetune's video editor. Whether it's a quick touch-up or a creative overhaul, we’ve got all the video editing tools you need to make every video stand out.

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Edit videos with ease, no experience required

Get that studio look and feel. Bad lighting? Not an issue. Need sharper, more vibrant visuals? Consider it done. Facetune’s video editor is packed with functional editing tools – from brightness adjustments to blurring backgrounds. Quickly and easily create and edit stunning videos in seconds.

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Take your videos to the next level with video editing effects

Make your videos stand out with video editor effects

Get extra and add a whole new look and feel to your videos with our filters, overlays, and layouts. With a whole range of effects available, our editor lets you craft the perfect vibe– whether you’re going for a cinematic look or a quirky Reel.

Share your videos anywhere

From editing to trending in moments–it’s easy to make your videos TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Story worthy all in one place. With Facetune’s video editor, connect your social platforms to share your content directly to your favorite platforms.

Use Facetune’s video editor for Reels and more

Stunning skin in every video edit

From subtle touch-ups to dramatic transformations, our retouch tools bring out the best in every frame. Smooth, glow, matte, use the AI video enhancer, and beyond – let your facial features glow in every video. Plus while you’re at it, add a bit of blush, contour, or eyeshadow with our video makeup editor. It's like having a lighting and makeup crew in your pocket.

Create videos on-the-go

At the airport, grabbing coffee, or just chilling – our mobile app lets you edit anywhere in the world, anytime. Online or offline, Facetune's video editor ensures your creativity never takes a break. Edit on your phone, share instantly, and keep your content moving with you.

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How to make and edit videos

How to edit videos on Facetune
  • 1

    Open the Facetune app

    Start by launching Facetune on your device.

  • 2

    Add your content

    Jump right in by uploading the video you want to edit.

  • 3

    Now the fun part!

    Use Facetune’s tools to enhance, retouch, reshape, and more. Play around – there's no right or wrong way to edit.

  • 4

    Ready, set, share

    Once your video is looking exactly how you want it to, it’s time to share. Post it directly to your socials right from the app.

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Video Editor FAQs

What is a video editor?

Think of Facetune’s video editor as your creative partner. It's where you take your raw footage and turn it into something amazing – styling, adding effects, you name it. It's your magic wand for video creation.

How to edit videos on an iPhone?

First things first, download the Facetune app from the App Store. It’s the iPhone video editor you’ve been looking for – easy, quick, and full of creative possibilities.

How to edit videos on an Android?

Some of Facetune's video editor features are already at your fingertips on Android. Stay tuned – we're constantly enhancing the app, so Android users can expect more exciting features coming their way soon!

How to edit the length of a video on an iPhone?

Trimming your video to the perfect length is easy with Facetune’s video cut editor. Simply select the part of the video you want and adjust it to your desired length right in the app.

How to add songs to Facetune’s video editor?

Currently, adding songs directly with Facetune's video editor tools isn’t possible. Stay tuned for future updates that might include this feature!

Is Facetune a video editor free from watermarks?

Absolutely! With Facetune, edit your videos and let your creativity shine through, watermark-free. Your content, your style, no distractions.

Is Facetune’s video editor free?

Facetune provides a mix of free and VIP video editing features. For access to all our VIP tools and to elevate your video editing game, check out our 7-day trial and discover the full potential of Facetune.

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