Blur video backgrounds with Facetune

Make your content stand out! With the Defocus tool, blur backgrounds, faces, objects, and more.

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Blur parts of videos 

With the Defocus tool, add blur to video to pop the spotlight onto the star of your show and let the rest fade into a dreamy backdrop. 

Add depth and uniqueness onto your videos enhancing the moments you truly want to focus on.

App to blur video parts
Blur moving objects

Blur objects in videos

Captured an almost-perfect scene but a moving object sneaked in? Or did a surprise guest make an appearance? Say no more! 

The tool smartly keeps your main subject in sharp focus, letting unexpected visitors and objects take a blurred backseat.

Blur faces in videos and more!

There are moments when the need to blur is more than just aesthetic. Here's how our app steps up:

Protect privacy: Blur out license plates, sneaky faces, or that surprise cameo by your cat’s tail.
Achieve a cinematic feel: Elevate your videos. Add depth and drama without the Hollywood budget.

Blur faces and more in video

How to blur a video?

  • 1

    Upload your video

    Begin by selecting and uploading the video you want to edit.

  • 2

    Go to portrait

    After uploading, head to the 'Portrait' icon.

  • 3

    Select Defocus

    Click on the 'Defocus' option to start the blurring process.

  • 4

    Adjust the blur

    Use the sliders to find the perfect amount of blur for your video. Want it subtle or more pronounced? You're in control!

  • 5

    Enhance your video

    While the blur sets the scene, make use of Facetune's additional tools to elevate your video content even more!

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Blur videos FAQ

How to blur moving objects in a video with Facetune?

When you're wondering how to blur moving objects in video, Facetune app is your go-to solution. Whether it's a moving face or dynamic object, our Defocus tool does the trick.

How to blur a video on iPhone?

With Facetune, blurring a video on your iPhone has never been easier. The Defocus tool lets you seamlessly blur video backgrounds on iPhone, giving your content a polished and professional look.

Can I blur the background of a video with Facetune?

Absolutely! Facetune's Defocus tool acts as a blur video editor. You can effortlessly blur video backgrounds, ensuring your main subjects are always the center of attention.

How to blur a license plate in a video?

To blur part of a video, such as a license plate, use Facetune's Defocus tool. Simply adjust the sliders to achieve the desired level of blur, and your video will be privacy-ready in no time.

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