Passport photo maker: Create high-resolution passport photos

Transform your photos into professional-quality passport pictures with Facetune, the ultimate passport photo creator and editor. Convert pictures to passport sizes like 2x2, 4x4, 4x6, and more.

Lightricks does not guarantee and shall not be liable for the correctness of the results.

Convert picture to passport size with ease

Facetune's intuitive photo cropping tool makes it easy to crop your picture to standard passport sizes. For a 4x4 photo, select the 1:1 aspect ratio. For a 4x6 photo, choose the 2:3 option.

This ensures your photo meets the size requirements for passport applications.

Use the 2x2 picture editor to convert pictures to passport size
Create a high resolution passport size photo

Create high-resolution passport size photos

With Facetune’s passport picture editor, create high-resolution passport size photos that maintain excellent quality when printed or submitted digitally.

The app's advanced tools and export options ensure your photo looks sharp and clear in the required size.

Make passport photos with white backgrounds

Facetune's background removal feature lets you easily change and remove backgrounds from images and replace them with a pure white background that meets official passport photo requirements.

This ensures your photo looks clean, professional, and adheres to passport standards.

Create a free white background with the passport photo editor
Add natural beauty filters to your photos with the id picture editor

Enhance your passport photo to showcase the best you

Instantly enhance your photos with Facetune's Looks feature. With just a tap, you can apply natural beauty filters that elevate your appearance while keeping your results authentic.

The Enhance photo tool also brightens, smooths, and enhances your face for a passport photo that highlights your best features.

Edit clothes in your passport photos

Not happy with your outfit in your passport photo? Facetune lets you easily edit clothes in photos, allowing you to switch up outfit colors, show off a different patterned shirt, or change your style entirely to ensure you look your best.

Edit passport photos by changing outfits

Passport photo maker FAQ

Can I crop a photo to passport size 4x4 or 4x6 with Facetune?

Yes, Facetune’s passport photo cropping tool allows you to easily convert images to passport size for free. Crop your photo to standard passport sizes like 4x4 (by selecting the 1:1 aspect ratio) and 4x6 (by choosing the 2:3 option).

Can I use Facetune editor to create a green card, US visa photo or ID photo?

Yes, Facetune's editing tools and size options make it easy to create a green card, US visa photo, or ID photo that meets the required specifications. Please note that Lightricks does not guarantee and shall not be liable for the correctness of the results.

Are Facetune’s passport photo maker tools available online?

Facetune's passport photo maker tools are available via a mobile app that you can download on your iOS or Android device.

Are Facetune’s passport photo maker tools free?

While some of Facetune's features are available for free, it's best to explore the full range of tools with a 7-day trial to create the perfect passport photo.

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