Elevate your photos with filters & effects

Explore tons of Facetune's filters and effects to enhance the look and style of your images and let your visual content pop!

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Photo Image Filters & Effects

Add popular filters to photos

Discover an array of vintage, aesthetic, color, and fun photo filters to match every mood and moment.

Choose from ‘golden hour’ for that sun-kissed look, ‘beach vibes’ for a chilled feel, ‘gossip’ for some drama, or ‘intensity’ to amp it up. For natural shots? There’s ‘no filter’. Plus, explore many more.

Photo Filter App 
Add Light Effects To Photos

Apply cool photo effects to images

Illuminate your edits with stunning photo effects with Facetune's Light FX. Add a touch of glitter, some sparkle, play with rainbows, or opt for a classic photo light effect with light leak, and more.

With so many options to choose from, adding effects to photos is easy. Whatever your style, there’s an effect to match and enhance.

Play with multiple backdrop filters and overlays

Level up your photos with dynamic backdrop filters and overlays. Whether you're looking for pops of colors or a subtle mood, we've designed a range that fits every occasion.

Backdrop Filters 
Convert Photos Into Black And White

Turn your photos into black and white

Searching for a simple and classic feel? Convert your photos into black and white. Change any picture into monochromatic, whether it's for an artistic effect or a nostalgic vibe.

Transform your aesthetic with AI effects

Choose from hundreds of AI Selfies presets or go custom with your own prompts. Experience all new fun styles for your selfies, from angel to goth- all with AI image filters.

AI Photo Effects

How to add filters & effects to photos on Facetune

  • 1

    Select photo

    Choose the photo you want to edit from your gallery or take a new one.

  • 2

    Navigate to filters or Light FX

    Access photo filters or Light FX from the menu and choose your preferred effect.

  • 3

    Adjust as needed

    Use the slider to increase or decrease the effect intensity.

  • 4

    Save & share

    Save your edits and share your enhanced photo directly to your socials.

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Filters & effects FAQ

Are Facetune’s photo filters & effects free to use?

Yes, Facetune provides free photo filters and effects.

Which photo filter is best for selfies?

We’ve got lots of filters for selfies that will seriously elevate your game. Dive into classics like 'golden hour', 'beach vibes', 'gossip', and 'intensity'. Whether you're posting on Instagram or just sharing with friends, discover a wide range of filters to match every mood and moment.

What are the most popular photo effects?

Our Light FX photo effects have tons of fan-fave fun camera effects. From glitter to rainbow to light leak, there’s something for everyone.

How can I add a cartoon filter to my photos?

Facetune doesn't have a specific cartoon filter. However, you can utilize the AI Selfies custom prompts to generate unique cartoon filters and anime photo filter effects. Simply type in your desired scenario or style, and watch as it transforms your selfie!

Can I use Facetune’s photo filters & effects online?

While you can't use our effects and camera filters online at the moment, our app is where you can add that perfect filter and Light FX to your photo!

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