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Easily crop images 

Crop images down to the size you want in no time with Facetune.

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Precision cropping made simple

Transform your photos with Facetune's crop image feature. Our photo cropping tool doesn't just crop; it lets you flip, rotate, and straighten to get the perfect shot. 

Set ratios and fine-tune to spotlight the best parts of your image. Whether you're looking to capture a specific vibe or just cutting out photobombers, we make every edit feel like a breeze.

Crop Any Photo With Precision
Crop Photo for Instagram

Crop photos for Instagram & other
social platforms

Whether you're prepping a profile picture for X or LinkedIn or making a cropped photo for Instagram, we’ve got you covered. 

Choose from a variety of fixed ratios optimized for different social platforms, ensuring your photos always look their best no matter where they're shared.

Crop without compromising on quality

Crop your photos without losing quality. Every snip, cut, and adjustment keeps your original photo's clarity and details. Be it a minor adjustment or a major change, your photos remain vibrant and sharp.

Crop Photo Without Losing Quality

How to crop an image

  • 1

    Upload your image

    Start by importing a photo from your device.

  • 2

    Select ‘Crop’ 

    Access the cropping feature and choose from a range of fixed ratios. Or you can manually adjust the crop area for a custom fit!

  • 3

    Adjust the angle

    Play around with your photo's orientation. Rotate, flip, or straighten to achieve the look you're aiming for.

  • 4

    Save & share

    Once you're happy with the adjustments, save your cropped photo. Share it on your socials or dive into other editing tools for even more creativity!

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Use the cropping tool to get the photo size you want

Crop images

Spotlight the best parts of your image. Crop photos to the size you want in no time with the image cropper.

Apply popular photo effects and filters to your images

Photo filters & effects

Make your content pop! Add filters and effects to photos that match every mood and moment.

Remove things from photos with Facetune

Remove object from photo

Remove text, people and objects from photos effortlessly with Vanish and get the results you want!

Retouch your photos with AI retouching tools

Photo retouch

Retouch your photos with our face editor—remove blemishes with a tap, whiten teeth with a swipe & more.

Flip images easily with Facetune

Flip images

Make every angle your best! Rotate images horizontally or vertically for that perfect alignment.

Edit background images by removing background

Background remover

Go from mirror selfie to studio portrait. Remove backgrounds from images and customize your own.

Blur objects in photos to spotlight focal points

Blur photos

Blur objects in photos to spotlight what matters and hide what doesn’t!

Add makeup to photos with Facetune’s beauty editor

Makeup photo editor

Get inspo and try on the latest trends! Put a complete chic makeup look together with makeup filters.

Crop images FAQ

How to crop photos on iPhone?

To crop a photo on an iPhone, simply open the desired image and select the crop icon. Choose from fixed ratios or adjust the frame to your liking.

How can I crop a picture into a circle?

If you're wondering how to crop a picture into a circle, Facetune currently does not offer the capability to crop images into shapes, including circles.

Can I crop JPGs, PNGs and GIFs?

Need to jpg crop, crop a png, or crop gif image? we've got you covered! No matter the format, cropping is easy with Facetune.

Can I perform round and freehand cropping with Facetune?

Want to crop freely in Facetune? Just click on 'Crop' and adjust as you wish, allowing you total creative control. If you're after that perfect square look, just head over to 'fixed ratios' and choose 'square'. However, please note that currently, we don't offer a dedicated 'round photo crop' option.

Will image cropping resize my images?

Yes, cropping will naturally resize your images to specific sizes.

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