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With Facetune’s AI photo retouching tools, retouch your selfies, portraits, and images in seconds. Tap once to bring out your best and let us do the rest. Talk about an instant makeover.

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Face retouch with AI

With AI photo retouching, spot treat blemishes in seconds. Why should a pesky pimple ruin a photo forever?

Smooth out anything (yes, anything!) with our skin smoothing tool. Give your skin an even look and control exactly how smooth you go.

Add fine, realistic textures to your skin after smoothing.

Late night? Conceal those under eyes for a refreshed look.

The Retouch Tool smooths your  skin in photo
The Retouch Tool removes wrinkles and blemish in photos

Wrinkle & blemish remover

Wrinkles who? Don’t let wrinkles stress you out. Smooth them away in no time and achieve a flawless finish in seconds.

Copy & paste over blemishes and seamlessly match skin tone with the Patch tool.

Whiten teeth in photos

Whiten teeth with a swipe and flash your pearly whites- it’s that simple.

Pro tip: Use our teeth whitening tool on your sneakers too!

The Retouch Tool whitens teeth in photo
Enhance your photos with Facetune

One tap enhancements

Every touch up you’re looking for all in just a tap! Brighten, smooth, and make your entire photo glow with AI Enhance.

Brighten up your photos

Bad lighting be-gone! Remove shadows from pictures in a snap and subtly brighten the darker parts of your selfie

Want more light? Rely on our Vibrance tool to bring out the details and add a pro-looking finish.

Play around with Glow to cast a warmer tone and illuminate your features.

The Retouch Tool remove shadows from picture

How to retouch photos?

  • 1

    Begin by uploading your chosen image into Facetune.

  • 2

    Dive into our 'Retouch' section and explore a wide range of retouch tools.

  • 3

    Play around and fine-tune the effects until your image looks just the way you want it.

  • 4

    Finally, download your retouched image and share it with the world!

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Use the cropping tool to get the photo size you want

Crop images

Spotlight the best parts of your image. Crop photos to the size you want in no time with the image cropper.

Remove things from photos with Facetune

Remove object from photo

Remove text, people and objects from photos effortlessly with Vanish and get the results you want!

Retouch your photos with AI retouching tools

Photo retouch

Retouch your photos with our face editor—remove blemishes with a tap, whiten teeth with a swipe & more.

Blur objects in photos to spotlight focal points

Blur photos

Blur objects in photos to spotlight what matters and hide what doesn’t!

Edit background images by removing background

Background remover

Go from mirror selfie to studio portrait. Remove backgrounds from images and customize your own.

Add makeup to photos with Facetune’s beauty editor

Makeup photo editor

Get inspo and try on the latest trends! Put a complete chic makeup look together with makeup filters.

Apply popular photo effects and filters to your images

Photo filters & effects

Make your content pop! Add filters and effects to photos that match every mood and moment.

Flip images easily with Facetune

Flip images

Make every angle your best! Rotate images horizontally or vertically for that perfect alignment.

Photo Retouch FAQ

What is photo retouching?

Photo retouching? It's all about giving your photos a little TLC - removing blemishes, brightening, or even tweaking the composition. With Facetune, our AI tech makes professional-level retouching accessible and easy for all.

How can I retouch my photos on iPhone?

Download Facetune from the App Store, pick a photo, and get access to a wide range of retouching tools. Play around with tools like healing, smoothing, and concealing, then save your photo when you're happy. Ready to share with the world!

How can I remove blemishes fast on my phone?

Try Facetune’s Patch tool to accurately match the skin you want to edit to the skin around it.
Open Facetune and click on Patch.

Select the area of skin you’d like to cover over, and the area you’d like to fill it in with. Covering blemishes with your own skin will result in super natural-looking results.

Are the retouching tools free?

Enjoy our Retouching tools with a 7-day free trial. Continue experiencing access to all features and tools by transitioning into a subscription after the trial. Cancel anytime.

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