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Your all-in-one photo editor

Level up your selfies and let your visual content shine! Discover the endless ways you can enhance the look and style of your photos with Facetune’s image editor tools, making every photo your best one yet.

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Transform your style with Facetune’s AI photo editor

Facetune’s AI photo editor is your style playground. Swap and try on hairstyles and colors as fast as your mood changes. Try on clothes without stepping into a dressing room by editing clothes in your photos. Rock a bold blowout today, go blonde tomorrow, pair a virtual puffer jacket with cargos— just tap and flaunt it. 

Don’t hold yourself back from uploading that selfie due to a boring or repetitive look. Slay a new look everyday and keep your social media vibrant and varied by showcasing a new you with each post.

Use our AI picture editor to switch up your looks
Retouch photos easily with Facetune app

Edit photos with must-have touch-ups

Share your posts with confidence thanks to Facetune’s Photo Retouch tools. Got a pimple that showed up uninvited? Just ‘Heal’ it away. Late night? Conceal those under-eyes for a refreshed look. 

And hey, you can even whiten teeth with a swipe and flash your pearly whites–it’s that simple. Wrap it all up with our AI Photo Enhancer to brighten, smooth, and make your entire photo glow. 

Every touch-up you need for your images are all in one tap, all while keeping it real and uniquely you.

Essential photo editing tools for everyday

Facetune's photo editing tools are here to polish every aspect of your shot, making it look professionally done, no matter your skill level. 

Crop images to fit the ratio of Instagram or any platform you love, or flip and rotate for that just right angle. Completely transform the scene by removing backgrounds from images and swapping in new backdrops. Plus while you’re at it, remove objects from photos for clean, distraction-free photos.

Use the crop photo tool and more for practical photo editing
Edit photos with Facetune’s virtual makeup editor

Full glam in seconds with virtual makeup

Wished your makeup always looked fresh or want to experiment with makeup trends without the mess? Our makeup photo editor is here to help you do just that. Our Beauty Looks feed offers a variety of presets to match your style.

Tap into a complete chic makeup look to get that 'just got done up' feel without any brushes or fuss. Or, for detailed, personal edits, tweak each aspect of your look with individual tools from water-resistant eyeliner, to smudge-proof lipstick.

Filters & effects that match every mood and moment

Turn your photos into mood matchers with Facetune's versatile photo filters and effects. Whether you’re feeling quirky, dramatic, or anything in between, we've got the visual flair to match. 

Put your best moment in the spotlight and hide the unnecessary details in the background by blurring images. With each tap, transform your shots to sync perfectly with your style and the moment you’re capturing.

Use filters and effects on your edited images
Edit on mobile with the Facetune app

Edit on-the-go with Facetune’s mobile app

Take your photo editing everywhere with Facetune's mobile apps for iOS and Android. Experience the full power of our photo editing tools right in your hands, all within an intuitive, touch-friendly interface.

Whether you're commuting, traveling, or just lounging around, Facetune brings one-tap photo editing to your smartphone and tablet. Edit and then share your photos directly to social media without having to use a computer.

How to edit photos with Facetune

How to edit photos with Facetune
  • 1

    Open the Facetune app

    Start by launching Facetune on your device.

  • 2

    Upload a photo

    Upload the photo you wish to edit, taking you directly to the editor.

  • 3

    Explore editing tools & edit freely

    In the editor, you'll find options to enhance, retouch, reshape, and more. There’s no set rule on how to use Facetune’s tools – feel free to use them all at once or selectively to achieve your desired look.

  • 4

    Download and share

    Done editing? It’s share time. Hit download and then head straight to your socials. Post your Facetune-enhanced photo wherever you like to shine online. Sharing your edit is as easy and quick as the editing was.

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Photo editor FAQs

What does Facetune’s photo editor app do?

Facetune app is the world’s top photo editor, packed with easy-to-use tools for enhancing, reshaping, and stylizing your images. Perfect for quick touch-ups or creative edits!

Does Facetune have an online photo editor?

For now, Facetune is all about mobile magic. But, our Facetune app on iOS and Android has all the tools you need for on-the-go editing.

How to change backgrounds in a photo editor?

Bored of the same old backgrounds? Go from mirror selfie to studio portrait instantly. Just tap into our background editor image tool!

How to cut out images in a photo editor?

Focus on what really matters in your photos! Use Facetune's image size editor to crop out the extras and zoom in on the good stuff.

How to edit pictures on an iPhone?

Editing pictures on your iPhone is easy with Facetune. Just download the app on the app store, select a photo, and instantly explore a world of editing options!

How to add text in a Facetune’s photo editor?

Stay tuned for a photo text editor! We’re always updating, so watch this space for new features.

Is Facetune’s photo editor free?

Facetune provides some features for free, while others are part of our VIP subscription. To experience all our features, take advantage of our 7-day trial and explore the full range of what Facetune offers.

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