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Create a profile picture that shines with Facetune's editing tools. Elevate your image for Instagram and beyond and showcase the best version of you across all platforms!

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Make your statement with a standout profile picture

With Facetune's profile picture generator tools, make your own custom pfp that’s as unique as you are.

Our profile picture editor tools allow you to crop, add filters, fine-tune brightness, remove shadows, and more.

Embrace the aesthetic that represents you and make a pfp that captures your personality.

Create a custom pfp with Facetune’s profile photo maker
Edit and change your profile picture with Facetune’s retouch tools

Edit your profile pictures with Retouch and Makeup tools

Tap once to bring out your best and let us do the rest. Make your own pfp that screams ‘you’ with our custom profile picture making tools in seconds. Edit your pictures with our Retouch tools. Remove blemishes with a tap, whiten teeth with a swipe, and conceal under-eye circles for a refreshed look.

For quick touch ups, use the Enhance tool to bring out your natural glow in an instant.

Create total makeup looks with our digital makeup tools from water-resistant eyeliner to smudge-proof lipstick.

Make profile pictures for Instagram, Facebook & all social platforms

Create a stunning profile picture for every social channel. From Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, our profile picture creator tools help you make a pfp that’s distinctly you.

Engage on Discord, and make the right first impression on Tinder or Bumble. Let your digital persona shine across all platforms!

Make profile pictures for social media
Make profile pictures for LinkedIn

Create professional headshots

Impress without the stress! Whether it’s for a LinkedIn profile picture or CV headshot, elevate your professional image with Facetune’s tools.

Discover fun and unique profile pictures with AI

Unveil a playful side of your digital identity with Facetune’s AI! Play with virtual hairstyles and colors. Go from brunette to blonde, add shine, and snip split ends.

Experiment with AI Selfies, where one picture opens the door to countless looks. Choose from hundreds of presets and dive into a world of fun new styles instantly or create custom AI Avatars ranging from fairy-inspired looks to futuristic neon vibes and everything in between.

Create fun profile pictures with AI
Add backdrops to your profile picture

Transform your profile picture with custom backdrops

Give your profile picture a fresh setting in seconds with dynamic backdrop filters. Whether you're looking for pops of colors or a subtle mood, we've designed a range that fits every occasion. Plus, you can always upload your own!

How to make a profile picture?

How to make profile picture
  • 1

    Kick it off with a pic

    Choose a selfie with your best angle from your gallery and upload it to the Facetune app.

  • 2

    Play with tools

    Time to get creative! Crop or add some cool filters.

  • 3

    Fast touch-ups

    A blemish? No stress, just tap. Want brighter teeth? Swipe it. Use the Enhance tool for that instant glow-up.

  • 4

    Get the light right

    Adjust the brightness, contrast, and more to make sure your photo is standing out in the best ligh

  • 5

    Background swap

    Change up the scene with the Backdrop tool from solid white to preset backgrounds.

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Profile Picture FAQ

Are Facetune’s profile picture maker tools free to use?

Yes, many of Facetune's pfp maker tools are free and offer a wide range of options to get creative with your profile pictures. For those looking to take their editing to the next level, going VIP unlocks unlimited tools. Get access to all features and possibilities to express your unique self with a free 7-day trial to start.

Can I use Facetune’s profile picture maker tools online?

Currently, Facetune's profile picture creator tools are exclusively available in the app.

What size are Instagram and Facebook profile pictures?

Instagram and Facebook profile pictures are optimized for a 1:1 square ratio. For the best quality, Instagram recommends uploading a picture with dimensions of 320x320 pixels, and Facebook recommends at least 720x720 pixels. Facetune offers popular fixed ratios, including the 1:1, or a free crop feature, allowing you to create a pfp that fits perfectly on any platform.

What makes a good profile picture for social media?

A good profile picture is clear, shows your face well, and lets your personality shine through. Aim for good lighting and a vibe that says 'you'. For the best images for a fb profile, TikTok pfp, LinkedIn photo, or Tinder pictures, Facetune's tools help you reflect your persona.

And, why not throw in some fun AI features for the coolest profile pictures to make your pfp stand out from the crowd? Remember, the most engaging photos are those that are unmistakably you.

Can I make a cartoon profile picture with Facetune?

Facetune is focused on enhancing real-life photos, so while you can't create cartoon profile pictures within the app, you can certainly use Facetune's tools to add a playful and artistic touch to your profile pictures.

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