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Edit clothes in photos with Facetune’s AI clothes changer

Try on a new outfit every day with our AI-powered tool to change clothes effortlessly.
From trendy shirts and chic dresses to experimenting with fun colors - your perfect wardrobe is just a tap away.

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Try out new looks with Facetune photo clothing editor

Your dream digital closet awaits! With our virtual try-on clothes feature, create your own virtual wardrobe in a tap.

Experiment with the latest fashion trend like maxi dresses to t-shirts to the latest puffer jacket, all without buying or trying. Who needs shopping when you have our AI clothes changer?

Change clothes in photos with Facetune
Change clothes colors and patterns

Change clothes colors, textures & patterns in photos

In addition to our clothes presets, alter textures, colors, and patterns of your existing clothes, like changing the shirt color in a picture, providing a new dimension of style.

Explore fabrics like lace and leather, or switch to laid-back vibes with denim blues and casual prints. And if you’re seeking night-out glam, choose from sparkling sequins to metallic sheens. 

Stay sustainably stylish with Factune’s app to try on clothes

Fashion forward, wallet-friendly, eco-chic -  this is the essence of sustainable fashion experimentation with Facetune app’s clothes try on.

Explore new styles without the shopping and build your digital closet of dreams, all while being kind to your pocket and the planet.

Try on clothes with our outfit editor app
Discover how to edit outfit photos with Facetune

Up your social feeds with our virtual outfit try on

No more outfit repeating or holding back from uploading that selfie to your socials due to a boring or repetitive look. With Facetune’s AI outfit changer, you can digitally switch up your style for each post on-the-go.

Create a vibrant and varied online presence by always flaunting a new look. And when you’re updating your social profiles, seamlessly blend our profile picture maker tools with outfit changes to craft the perfect new profile picture.

How to edit clothes in pictures

How to change clothes in photo with AI
  • 1

    Upload your photo

    Open the Facetune app and begin by uploading your favorite photo.

  • 2

    Navigate to 'Clothes'

    Access the photo editor and tap on 'AI Effects'. Then, select 'Clothes' to start the magic.

  • 3

    Select your fashion transformation

    Decide which part of your outfit needs a revamp– from tops to bottoms. Want to tweak the colors or patterns? Our presets have you covered. Or, you can always choose your own custom prompt.

  • 4

    Flaunt your fashion on your socials

    Once your heart eyes for your new ‘fit, export your photo and share your fab look on social media. Get ready for the likes and compliments to roll in!

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AI Clothes Changer FAQ

Does the photo editor work for business and formal attire?

Absolutely! AI Clothes is your virtual stylist for that perfect business look. From tailored jackets to button-down blouses and slacks, you’re all set to nail that executive-chic.

How can I change the color of clothes in a picture?

Editing the color of your clothing in photos is super easy. Whether you want to revamp your existing wardrobe or find a new style, our presets and custom prompts offer a rainbow of colors to choose from.

What types of outfits can I change in the app?

Pick from a variety of tops like t-shirts and blouses, jackets from biker to blazer, and an array of dresses including gowns and slips. Not to forget bottoms – think corduroys and joggers. Play with materials and textures like linen and lace, or get dazzling with sequins and metallics. Denim lovers, we've got all shades from stonewash to light. And for those casual days, dive into camo, gingham, and tie-dye (and so much more!).

Does AI Clothes work for coats and ties?

Yup! Whether it's a sleek coat or a stylish tie you're after, we’ve got you covered. Choose from a variety of coats and tie looks, or go wild with our custom prompts to create that perfect ensemble.

Is Facetune app’s clothes editor easy to use?

Absolutely! Our photo clothing editor is user-friendly and fun to use. For best results, pick well-lit outfits or close-ups, and try to avoid group shots and full-lengths. And remember, anything covering part of the face might get in the way of a stunning transformation. Get ready for a smooth and exciting fashion editing experience!

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