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No photoshoots needed. Just your best angle and AI magic with Facetune’s AI Headshot Generator.

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Create stunning, instant AI generated headshots

No need to worry about makeup, lighting, or touch-ups, create polished shots that stand out everytime. Our AI elevates your professional image and showcases the best you. Just strike a pose and let our AI create your high-resolution headshot, without even leaving your home.

The AI Headshots feature creates instant professional AI generated headshots
The AI Headshots feature caters to diverse styles across industries

Make your own AI Headshot photo for any industry

Ready for your close-up? Our AI Headshot Generator caters to a wide range of professional styles, ensuring your headshot matches your industry's vibe.

From corporate to creative fields, and specialized styles you can use for specific fields like realtor, actor, or model headshots, select a style that’s ready to impress, minimal effort required.

Tailored professional AI Headshots for any need

Facetune’s AI Headshots portraits are ideal for professionals needing formal images for workplace systems like email or Slack, and for events like conferences, business-related social media, and more.

They’re a game-changer for job seekers aiming to polish their LinkedIn headshots or CVs. Plus, students will find them a cost-effective solution for applications or educational institution systems, making a strong impression without the expense of a professional shoot.

You can always further enhance your headshot with Facetune’s profile picture maker tools too!

Create AI Headshots for any professional need

How to make a professional headshot

How to create a professional headshot
  • 1

    Launch Facetune & upload

    Open Facetune on your device and upload the photo you want to transform.

  • 2

    Select 'AI Effects'

    Navigate to 'AI Effects' and tap on it to explore the AI-powered features.

  • 3

    Choose 'AI Selfies'

    Within 'AI Effects', select 'AI Selfies' to access the selfie transformation options.

  • 4

    Pick 'Headshots' category

    Find and select the 'Headshots' category to initiate your professional headshot transformation.

  • 5

    Review, save, & share

    Once the AI has crafted your headshot, showcase your professional AI-generated headshot with ease.

AI Headshots FAQ

How to create the best AI Headshot?

For optimal AI headshots in Facetune, use clear, well-lit photos from your best angle. A genuine expression goes a long way! AI thrives on quality input, so experiment with various photos and styles to find your best look. High-quality images yield the best AI transformations.

Can I make professional AI Headshots online?

Facetune's AI Headshots feature is designed for our mobile app, available on both iOS and Android, offering an intuitive platform to create professional business headshots anytime, anywhere.

How much do AI Headshots cost?

Facetune provides a range of free features along with advanced VIP options for an enhanced experience. To unlock the full potential of the AI Headshot generator and more, consider upgrading to VIP with a free 7-day trial.

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