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Remove unwanted objects from photos easily

Unwanted objects? Not in your images. Remove anything (yes, anything) with Facetune app’s photo eraser, Vanish.

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Clean up your photos from unwanted objects

You’ve just captured the perfect moment, but an unwanted object in the shot is ruining the whole vibe- it could be a street sign or even someone’s hand.

No need to stress or start over, with just a few taps and swipes using Vanish in our photo editor, you can easily remove things from pictures and get the results you want.

Removing object from picture before and after
Removing people from photo before and after

Remove people from photos

Whether it’s a tourist, a photobombing ex, or just an extra passerby in the frame, removing them can really enhance your photos.

With Vanish, remove people in a breeze and preserve the memories you want to keep.

Remove text and distracting elements from images

Camera timestamps, distracting text, logos, and watermarks can be a real buzzkill. You’ve shot a stunning moment, why not show it off to its full potential?

With Vanish, quickly remove these elements and showcase your images how you want them to be seen.

Removing text from image before and after

How to remove an object from a picture

  • 1

    Upload your image

    Begin by uploading your desired image

  • 2

    Choose Vanish tool

    Access the Vanish tool. To do this, tap on “Patch” and then select “Vanish”

  • 3

    Select the objects you want to disappear

    Place your finger on the photo and swipe it across the object you wish to remove.
    *Pro tip: for optimal results, zoom in on the photo!

  • 4

    Add final touches

    Watch the object disappear! Vanish will erase the object from the photo.

  • 5

    Download and share

    Download your finished photo to your phone or share to your socials

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Remove Objects from Photos FAQ

For which operating system is the Vanish tool available?

The Vanish tool is available on both iOS and Android, so you can enjoy a clutter-free photo no matter which device you’re using.

Is the Vanish tool easy-to-use?

Definitely, the Vanish tool is easy-to-use and doesn’t require any special skills. You can simply place your finger on the photo, swipe it across the object you want to remove, and say goodbye to unwanted objects. And for even better results, use it with the Patch tool!

How does the Remove Object tool work?

The Vanish tool in Facetune is super simple to use! Just swipe your finger over the object you want to get rid of and you’ll have a clean photo without distractions.

Can I remove objects for free with the Facetune app?

Yes, you can enjoy the Vanish tool for free with a 7-day trial and cancel anytime.

Can I remove a watermark from my photo?

Yes, the Vanish tool can help you get rid of watermarks from your images in a snap.

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