Step-by-step guide: how to remove glare from photos

Eliminate glare effortlessly! See Facetune's quick fixes for stunning photos.

Tally Moran
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Learn how to remove glare from your photo

Want to know how to get the glare out of a picture? Whether it's sun glare, glare from glasses, flash glare, or a reflection in a photo, dealing with unwanted glare can be frustrating. It often detracts from the quality of your images, obscuring details and distracting from the subject. Fortunately, Facetune offers effective tools to remove various types of glare effortlessly, restoring the natural beauty of your photos.

Use photo editing filters to downplay glare 

Discover Facetune's solution on how to edit glare out of photos with our range of photo editing filters. These filters can diminish glare's impact, letting the true colors and details of your image shine through. Our filters adjust the photo's aesthetics, ensuring glare doesn't steal the spotlight and enhance your photo's natural appeal effortlessly.

Use Facetune’s Photo Editing Filters to Eliminate Glare

Reduce harsh lighting: balancing shadows & highlights

Glare often stems from unbalanced lighting. Facetune's Shadows and Highlights tools are your go-to for harmonizing light. With simple sliders, brighten the dark areas and tone down the too-bright spots for that perfectly lit photo every time. 

Now that your lighting is balanced, let’s focus on the source with Facetune’s Relight feature.

Adjust lighting with the Relight feature 

Direct sunlight or harsh indoor lights can ruin a good picture. Facetune's Relight feature lets you simulate the perfect lighting by adjusting the direction and intensity, ensuring your subject is always in the best light, regardless of the original lighting conditions.

Remove light glare: Create a more even exposure with Facetune’s Relight feature

Remove shine for a natural look

Wondering how to remove shine from photos? Shiny skin in photos, especially on faces, can distract from your photo’s natural beauty. Facetune offers Smooth and Matte features to dial down the shine. Achieve a matte finish on any skin type, ensuring your subject looks flawless but real.

Enhance photo details by fixing glare

Facetune's Sharpen tool is perfect for reclaiming those hidden details lost to glare. Sharpen the edges and textures for clarity, making every element in your photo pop, from individual hair strands to the texture of clothing. After sharpening your photo’s details, let's adjust the overall brightness and color for the perfect finish.

Fine-tune brightness and color 

An otherwise perfect photo can still suffer from washed-out colors or incorrect brightness. With Facetune, easily adjust the Brightness and Color settings to restore your photo's vibrancy and balance, making it look as close to what your eyes saw.

Adjust overall light levels to edit out glare in your photos with Facetune

AI Enhance to remove glare

Head to the AI image enhancer tool to intelligently reduce glare, enhance facial features, and ensure your photo looks naturally beautiful. It’s like having a professional photo editor at your fingertips, optimizing your photo in seconds.

Banishing glare, be it sun glare, flash glare, or the shine from your photos, has never been easier. Facetune photo editor offers a seamless solution to remove unwanted glare and shine, ensuring your images preserve their natural quality and authenticity. From adjusting harsh lighting to fine-tuning details obscured by brightness, Facetune equips you with the tools to perfect your photos with minimal effort. Discover the ease of creating glare-free photos and embrace the true beauty of your moments captured.

Tally Moran
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